Thursday, 16 February 2012


Yes, my life is full of UFO's at the, not the alien type, the UnFinished Object type!
Ah!  Now you know where I'm coming from!

Do you remember in this post I mentioned the Pinterest Challenge with Blog Hop?  I entered my Banana Loaf from this post because I didn't have much time as I was off to the In-Laws for a few days and needed to take a cake with me!

BUT, whilst there Lovely Mother-in-Law and I viewed my Pinterest boards for ideas for future entries.

Great....forward planning.....MOST unlike me as you may already have worked out!  That's a good thing - right?  Well, you'd think so, but maybe not!  And part of the reason I don't forward plan is because it makes a mess (not good for my FlyLady vibes!!!).

You know the trawl through all your stash finding all the elements for different projects...... and once you've found them?  Well, you may as well get them out so that you know they are to hand for when Creativity strikes....hahaha!

Would you like a sneak preview of a few things?

OK, we have felt, buttons, floss and sequins....

this..... Rico Creative Cotton from my stash.......

lots of odd bits of double knit wool (mostly acrylic and some of it very old oddments from family)!  Two projects in the pipeline here!

THAT fabric that I referred to here from a project that deserves lots of support here (and this is only one of 6 or so suitable fabrics that I hope will make in excess of 12 dresses!) fabric find that is YEARS old...but will make a good practice quilt, I feel....what do you think? (Colour is not great in this photo...sorry...but the light wasn't so good).

Excluding the blue fabric and it's friends destined for dresses during a 'Sew-In' in May (Africa Day, we hope), there are 5 UFO's...yes, that's right...I have attempted to start them all and so they all count as UnFinished!

Hopefully that little peek will keep you guessing whilst I beaver away in order to offer you SOMETHING Finished very soon!

In the meantime, take good care of yourself until we meet again.

Nora xx

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