Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fabric house

Before we start I have to apologise for the poor lighting and lack of decent photos, but I'm sure you'll get the idea!

Poor light has been a bit of an issue with dark evenings and non-stop storms and rain....everything is grey, grey and more grey!!!!!!!!!

Anyway...onto the fun bit........  ta-dah!

Do you love it?

I certainly enjoyed making it.

The tutorial came from UK lass in US and originally came from a barn she made which is equally lovely!

I used fabric, felt, embroidery floss, ribbon, buttons and thin hair bands that were in the house already, the only thing I had to get was plastic canvas to strengthen the walls and roof.  And if I'd have thought a bit harder, I could have turned the roof fabric around the other way and it would have looked more like roof tiles!

Here is the detail of the closure....a hairband and flower shaped vintage button each side.......

The wall flowers are embroidered stems and shaped buttons.

The red front door and window from felt and the door handle is a tiny button.

I made a little felt window to break up the could add curtains to this.......

And green based flowery fabric for the garden.

Ribbon carry handles that wind around buttons to close.........


It is a perfect size for Happy Land figures or maybe Playmobil.  Or, why not be really adventurous and make a set of felt people too!

It's great for keeping small people amused at the restaurant or a flying visit to the relatives and I hoped this would make the perfect gift for my Tiny Angel to enjoy.

More catching up on the Christmas making to follow!

Until then, take care,

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Freehand Machining.....

Something I'd fancied having a go at, but not plucked up the courage.

I was given a book for my birthday in 2012, it is by the brilliant Poppy Treffrey and contains oodles of advice and encouragement to just do it!

So in the end, I just did it!

My Tiddly Toes needed a gym bag for school.  Being short on time I ordered a plain one from Panduro Hobby.

I wrote up her name in a flowing, handwriting type of font on the computer, I thought this would lend itself best to flowing my machining.

I printed it out bold so that I could see it through the interfaced fabric, like this......

I then simply hooped it up and started stitching!

And this is the result........ta-dah!......

A little wonky, but I'm quite pleased and Tiddly Toes is over the moon!  No-one else has a gym bag like this!

The moral....just have a go!

Have you tried anything new recently?