Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Rarity

There is something that doesn't often happen in this house.

With 2 sons at University, 1 has completely moved out, so they are rarely both home, a photo of the 5 children together is an annual event, maybe!

And SOMEONE (you guessed it...that'd be me then!) has to take the photos, so is never in them....therefore, what I am about to show you is a wonderful thing in this house.


The back row left to right is Mr Geology (20), Mr Music (22 and who is kneeling down as he is 6ft 2"!) and Mr Chef (was 18 on Wednesday!).

Then front row left to right is The Hubs and me, Little Lady (previously Tiddly Toes aged 5) and Teenage Daughter (15).

What a motley crew!

But I can't tell you how HAPPY this little snap makes me feel.

See you soon with some more making, baking and DIY!


Friday, 6 June 2014

I've decided to join Santa Sack Swap 2014

Yes, I know it seems a bit early, but you have to sign up by 8th June!!!

If you'd like to join in click here for more details.

OpeNs on JUNE 1st 2014

I wonder who I'll get?

I wonder what she'll like?

I'm getting excited already!

Watch this space!

See you soon,

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Deer Friend

A-G-E-S ago our fence was blown down in the wind and we didn't replace it because we realised we were getting visitors from the woodland behind.

Today the cat was staring at something so I grabbed the camera to see what he was spying on and look what I came face to face with..............

Isn't it wonderful?

I am the most fortunate person alive right now to have these beautiful creatures visiting my garden every day.

Hope you enjoyed it and wasn't as surprised as my Deer Friend and me!

See you soon,

P.S.  We are not responsible for the rubbish!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

A Restful Weekend...NOT!!

I've had a list of To-Do's for the garden for months (in some cases years!), but bad weather, feeling under the weather and other things becoming more of a priority in the general running of our world has meant the list gets longer not shorter!

THEN...dah-dah-daaah!  This weekends good weather, a helpful Hubs and Teenage son and a more reliable than a pre-school-er Little Lady meant we had quite a team!

Job number 1 was to get the front and back lawns mowed, which now they've had a few goes is becoming easier each time.

Job number 2 was to clean, re-site and refill the sandpit.....Little Lady is extremely happy and who wouldn't be!

As you can see it has already endured a good play by Little Lady and her 2 friends a couple of houses down.

Job number 3 was to buy fence paint and some trellis....more about that when it is complete, but for now I wanted to show you how I made a normal trellis panel like the one on the left into a sloped version that will taper off (the one on the right).  Thrilled with my handy work and The Hubs painting........

The picture doesn't really show it well, but the trellis on the right was painted with Wickes own brand fence paint and the other with Homebase.  The Wickes one was about half the price, applies better and looks thicker, like it will do the job.

Job number 4 was to mend the climbing frame tower floor.  It is a redwood frame bought about 15 years ago from Rainbow Playsystems.  It has done well as it has moved house once and had most of the kids from the street all over it for almost 14 years!

One of the overlooked jobs was to paint this at some point in the last 4-5 years and it has not been done, hence it had gone rotten in places, this floor for one.

I decided that to limp it through another 2 years, deck board would be a good fix, so here we are......


Job number 5 was to rub down and paint the whole play-frame, it has been done, top down as far as the picnic table underneath this tower deck, and when we erected it in this garden I made a solid floor for this tower to sit on, so that will also need a rub down and paint.

It was a long, hard 2 days, but being able to sit in the garden on Sunday night and see the results was lovely.

When the trellis is up (after I've given the fence another coat with the better paint!), I'll show you where I'm going with that one.  I've also got a Playhouse to empty, dismantle, mend and reassemble....lucky me!

Watch this lovely green space, I'd appreciate your company along the way.

Until then, happy mowing, hooking, baking, sewing or whatever!