Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas 2012!

Haven't had time to pop in and see you, oh there alot to catch up on.

I HAVE been making.... but it's also been busy at work (end of term....excited kids!!), illness in the family including an ambulance call out for an halucinating 3 year old!  (No, not my cooking....high temperature!) and didn't start my Christmas shopping until the 15th December!!!!!!!

We have however decorated the tree..........

...and we are now all wrapped, written, sewn, crocheted and baked for the Big Day, so all that's left for me to say is.........
See you soon.
  With very much love
Nora xxx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent...and we're off!

Yes, it is here!!  Hoorah!

I love it!

I wanted to make a special advent calendar this year BUT...time ran away again!

MIL fills a snowman advent calendar for the kids every year, this year it was decided to do it for just the girls and get the boys just choccie advents.  MIL put the Santa somewhere safe, she couldn't find it!!  Hahahaha!  I did laugh!  She thinks it's old age, so I had to set her straight and let her into the secrets of the things that I put somewhere safe and can never find again (until, that is, you are doing something totally unrelated and then find it in the most obscure place!!!)

I knew I had a fabric advent calendar, and I knew where it was!!!

I had a rummage in the loft for it and discovered that we had had furry visitors who had nibbled a couple of the hanging bits of it right off!  Couldn't even find them!


Here's a close up of their handiwork!!

Little.....*muttley muttering*.....mice!
Anyways....I grabbed some ribbon the same colour as the sky, seam ripped the bottom of the calendar, turned it inside out, rotary cut the top off, restitched the top with ribbon angers in place, turned the right way round, pressed, sewed up the open seam and........
here it is filled with chocs and an Advent activity.......

(gosh these photos aren't good are they? )
And here are Granny's (MILs) pressies in our Christmas Dish for the girls to pick out on their day (Tiddly Toes is odd number days and Teenage Daughter evens!)
And the Advent activity for Day 1 was to write to Santa!

This is Tiddly Toes offering (Teenage Daughters is on the computer!  Technology...pfft!)  She even managed to sign her own name without any help...oh! and 2 kisses for Santa too!  Bless.
Advent activity for Day 2 was to go to Tiddly Toes pre-school Christmas Fair, sadly I couldn't go as I was ill in bed, but she had a lovely time with Daddy and Teenage Daughter and this is what she came back with............

......a balloon, hot chocolate for 2, a bracelet, a Santa springer and 2 Christmas tree decorations that she had made....ah!  Lovely!
Advent Activity Day 3 (today!) was to make a Christmas Garland, I found an old bookazine filled with lots of lovely, good quality papers and ripped out the ones that were greens, pinks and whites.  I chopped across the A4 pages to about 3cm strips, we got out the glue stick, like this......

...and in no time at all already had the start of something beautiful going on......

Here's the pile down to the last 6 chains!

And here it is hanging across the ceiling in our lounge with some other gorgeous paper decorations that I found in Wilkinsons for £1-£1.50 each!
Well, that's us so far....can't wait to see what tomorrows activity is!
Are you doing something special for Advent?
Going to leave you with this slightly smudged but rather cute image of Tiddly Toes after another school Christmas Fair on Friday where I did face-painting......
Shame she has a cold and had to keep wiping her nose!!!
Until the next time....have fun!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

PinAddicts Challenge - December 2012..... Christmas Stockings!

It's that time of the month again for the PinAddicts Challenge and my entry also happens to be the unveiling of my secret project for Tiny Angel and Ballet Mums.

It started with an obsession with Christmas Stockings!   They just HAVE to be the right shape!

I started looking around (but have only recently pinned onto Pinterest).

....and a huge dose of inspiration from my Christmas Board on Pinterest!  As you can see from my board I have been collecting them!  Not all that I have seen but the select few that are the right shape!  I have yet to pin one from Louise at Sew Scrumptious...adore those....hang on!  OK, I've pinned them now!

I have been looking at tutorials. I felt the Best One was from .... *drum roll please*...... Fabric Worm!  Is simple, easy to follow and the result is beautiful.

So starting with my fabric from the post previous to this one.......

...and some of the wadding left over from this post.........

....and a huge dose of inspiration from my Christmas Board on Pinterest! And the tutorial from Fabric Worm....I started to cut......
2 outer fabrics, 2 waddings & 2 linings for the foot part and 1 cuff fabric and 1 cuff wadding for the...cuff!
I shan't go into the making part because the tutorial is so good, I don't think it is necessary for me to add anything else!
So straight onto the reveal then...........
Girlie Stocking for Ballet Mum No.1.......
Boy Stocking for Ballet Mum No.2...........

(sorry about the fuzzy pic on that one!)
Big Boy stocking for Ballet Mum No.1..................

And finally my very first creation.... Girlie Stocking for Tiny Angel.......

How utterly bonkers proud am I of these!!!?
I can't tell you....but the best feeling is that other people LOVE them too, they bring happy-ness and smile-y-ness and make me happy and smile-y in return.
With the wadding they feel gorgeously luxurious and I adore the fabrics....I have more to make and as yet no two will be the same!  That's what I call a Hand Crafted Original!
And let's be honest....who wouldn't want one of those!
I have a plan to personalise them....but that will have to wait 'til next year.  It's novel (I think) and can be added to these next year and will ring the changes!
Well, apart from saying hop on over to the Pinaddicts Challenge Website where you can follow the linky to see the December entries and take a look or have a go yourself....enjoy!.... all that is left for me to say is thanks for popping in to see me here......please say 'Hi' in the comments so I know you came....
See you soon,

Friday, 30 November 2012

Forever Amanda

I just wanted to dedicate today's ramblings to a wonderful lady called Amanda.

A happy, delightful, loving, funny Mummy, Wife and Friend to many.

Isn't this smile just pure love and sunshine? (With a bit of mischief rolled in for good measure!) *wink*

I can't help but want to smile right back at her even though my heart is heavy.

I can't quite believe I shan't hear that South African accent shouting "Hey! Woman!" from a distance when she wanted to catch my attention! Though, the thought of it will always make me smile and remember her.
Today we shall be saying farewell to Beautiful Amanda and giving thanks for her life and the love she has left here amongst us.
My friends, please pray for peace and strength for her husband and 2 children as they face today, and also the coming months and years.
God Bless you Amanda

Monday, 26 November 2012

This monthly catch up is becoming a habit!

Not sure if it's a good habit or a bad one....but there we are, that's the way it is again this month.

There are things I'd like to share with you but finding the time in amongst all the other busy-ness in life is sooooo hard!  I'm sure you feel the same sometimes!

The decision to have a chat with you today is all down to the rotten weather!  I thought we all needed a catch-up and a cheer-up.

Yep, the weather is horrible, grey, murky, overcast, dull, cloudy, drizzly.....I could go on...but it's just depressing!

But before we get on to some nicer bits of making and baking, I just wanted to share these photos I took at the beginning of November of a hail downpour!

They were BIG and they were many......!  This is my back lawn....

This is the road outside our house (sorry about the neighbours rabbit hutch!)....

As you can see it was quite a covering!
I had my washing out and some time later I noticed this.....

YES!  That is hailstones caught in my sheet!!  I was amazed that they hadn't melted!
Anyway....the next day we had to take Teenage Son No.3 to a football match in a village called Newdigate, not far from here.  We took our wellies so that we could walk whilst he played....but due to the wet had to stay on the roads.
But there were some jolly little suprises hiding away, how about these.....
peeping from under a hedge....and these in the hedge......
that one just sung Christmas at me!
Then there were the trees....
This little splash of yellow, orange and brown against all the juicy green behind really stood out. (Not the best photo...sorry!  But I'm sure you get the idea!)
Poor Tiddly Toes got a bit Daddy to the rescue....
Can you believe that the 3 cars in the picture were the only ones we saw for over an hour!
So after all that wellie-trudging, puddle-spalshing, leaf-kicking and mud-squelching, we had no choice *hur-herm* but to make a nice Hottie Choccie when we got home.....

Mmmmmm!  You just have to have cream and 'shmellows' as Tiddly Toes calls them!
I've done a bit of baking this month including....
Apple Spice Bonfire Cakes (for Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th)....
.....they got iced and sprinkled after this by Teenage Daughter!
Here's one I rewarded myself with after a long, hard day of cleaning....
These are the Attic24 Oaty Biscuits by Lucy (love that recipe!)....

Then after a rummage in the cupboards realised I had a barrel almost full with broken biscuits (anybody would think they taste different to whole ones!!), 2 Easter eggs and 4 jars with about 1cm in the bottom of each of crystalised Golden Syrup!!

I had a better use for the jars which I shall be sharing soon!  SO as these are the basics of Rocky Road.....guess what.....

Then there were Makes.....
I've been following a blog called Greedy for Colour for some time... I fell in love with Kates Christmas baubles for which there is a tutorial.
So the other morning (whilst lounging in bed with a cuppa!) I knocked up this little beauty! 
(sorry about the poor light in the photo...said the weather was dull!)
Thought if I made any more that I might like to add some ribons or stitch some details on...what do you think?
Then my next bit of creativity was for Tiny was her 1st Birthday yesterday!  Time has flown....Happy Birthday Tiny Angel!! xxxx
You may remember I made her a cushion (it's the one with a red ring in the centre), her Mummy had (sometime ago...ooopppps!) fallen in love with a birdie decoration I made from a tutorial over at Lucys on I decided a matching Birdie of her own would be a gift she wouldn't receive from anyone else!
And here it is........
Do you like the addition of the little's an old Macrame trick...I thought it worked quite well!  What do you think?
Well I'm nearly there....couldn't resist showing you a very cold-ridden Tiddly Toes who was very sad to miss out on attending the Christmas Fair at the school our Out of School Club is based at.  I was on the face-painting stall!
So on Saturday to cheer up a Little Snotty Person....Mummy did this......................

She very proudly went into town like that!  Bless!
She is still recovering, so today it all caught up with her and I couldn't resist showing you this......

Her arm resting on the arm of the sofa, snoring her little head off!  Sweet!
Well, that's me done!
I'll be back soon with a small person make...a great idea if you have little ones for whom you are struggling to find a gift this space!  Also the Pinaddicts Challenge for December!  YAY!
See you very soon.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stash ! Me? Never.........

...mmmm...OK then, maybe just a bit!

It wasn't my fault!  It never is (she says covering her face to hide the blushes and terribly guilty look!)

Let me did it happen now.

Remember I've only just acquired some gorgeous fabric, I told you about that VERY necessary purchase here!!

That was the wonderful Eternal Maker.

Well, I made a little something for Tiny Angel which I am not yet at liberty to share with you (but it won't be long!)

I took it to show The Ballet Mums whilst we waited for Tiddly Toes and her friends to finish their lesson...... a bit of confidence seeking that this was a good make for my Tiny Angel...

Well, I have to tell you, and much to my utter delight, the answer came back a resounding....GREAT, BEAUTIFUL and can you make 3 for me....and 2 for me!!!!


Wasn't expecting THAT!

So having a chat I found I needed MORE fabric for 3 girls, 1 boy and a grown up boy!

I decided to hop on over to The Cotton Patch because I had seen an advert in a magazine (that I was flicking through in WH Smiths and decided not to buy as the mags seem to be getting very same-y!) and the picture was of some gorgeous Christmas-y fabric that I thought may fit the bill for these latest projects!

So.......... I ordered this...........

These are still a work in progress, but I'm nearly done and I am GREATLY looking forward to sharing these with you when I Ta-Dah in a few days, you'll still have time to whizz up a few for Christmas so don't panic!!
I'd better get back to the sewing machine!
See you soon and in the meantime, please, take very good care of yourself,

Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh! I forgot to tell you.....

all about our little weekend away!

It was AGES ago...back in September.

Sadly it's been the only opportunity we've had this year to go away in the old girl....but boy was it nice!

Remember us cleaning Flossie-van here, that was back in June!  The summer was very busy with work and our family Holiday, and of course, all the excitement of the Jubilee and Olympics.

So finally, early in September, I rang a local Caravan Park called Honeybridge Park and booked us in....then I told The Hubs!  I think he was quite relieved as work (at our local hospital) was getting to him (very busy but with the threat of redundancy hanging over him!) and if we're not at home, we can't be bothered by business calls either.....or be tempted to log on to email!

I planned meals, so there was nothing to think about there.

Hitched her up and off we went!

Friday night we were exhausted from setting her up and basically went to bed as soon as it got dark!

The weather was grim ALL weekend....but it didn't dampen our spirits!

This is our set up on day one and it sort of developed from there......

....this is Teenage Daughter prepping dinner........

This was breakfast inside...easy to do with the girls on the sofa and us in the awning as no clearing away of a double bed in a confined space before you can eat!  It also meant we could pop all of the girls bedding in the inner tent, zip it up and hide it away and have the rest of the awning and the whole caravan to 'live' in.

Tiddly Toes took her trike and Bouncer....and then enticed her big sister into racing her!

There were, of course, treats......

...and alot of showing off and acting (mostly with a filthy face!)

and playtime with the kids in the van next door and at the play park on site.
Teenage Daughter met some friends who also happened to be there!
The Hubs enjoyed a good read, playing and the opportunity to sit around.
I got the opportunity on Saturday morning to escape to Chichester ALONE where I browsed, quietly and By Myself amongst the gorgeous-ness that is Clothkits and also the utterly amazing and completely enormous Eternal Maker.
On Sunday The Hubs and I (with Tiddly Toes ridding in her seat on the back of my bike) braved the drizzle for a 7 mile round trip to the local pub The Fountain Inn at Ashurst where there is a delightful garden and deck over the pond where we sat and watched the fish whilst we supped real ale!
It was a lovely break from the hurley-burley of usual life.
Can't wait to do it again next year....and hopefully more than once!
Back soon with a walk, some cooking and a playdoh experiment!
See you then,
Nora xx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge - November 2012

This is a very quick post as I'm busy, BUsy, BUSY!!

BUT...I couldn't let November pass without an entry into the Pinaddicts Challenge!

Can you believe we have whizzed through summer holidays, sped through September, Harvest, Halloween and Guy Fawkes have all gone, here we are in the middle of November...yes!  The Middle of NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm shocked! I'm usually there on the first possible day with my entry...but not this month!

It's all a very rushed blur and Christmas is just round the breaks up 5 weeks today!

We are having our first Christmas with Faraway Family on 8th December..... that's 3 weeks!  Eeeeek!

Christmas Pressies a-go-go!

We have some lovely little cousins in the Black Country, they are arty, crafty
do-ers...hmmmmm.....*light bulb moment* !

Louise from Sew Scrumptious!  No, no....I'm not going to send Louise....but I AM going to send her wonderful crayon rolls!  Well, no, not hers exactly....I made them from her super-duper tutorial.

I won't post the process, Louise's instructions are so good, you won't need me to add straight to the reveal......


The butterfly fabric came from the Clothkits bargain bucket when I visited during a little weekend away in Flossie-van in September (which I don't think I got round to telling you about!). The striped fabric is a fat quarter from my local C & H Fabrics.

The pink and orange dotty fabrics were bundles of fat quarters from my local Hobbycraft.  I decided to give the older girl felt tips and the younger one coloured pencils.......

I'm sure they'll share anyway!  The ribbons were from my stash, the yellow and orange one left over from the light shade upcycle!
So having done mind started whirring.
Knowing my auntie has a very unattractive plastic bag to keep her knitting needles in....ah-ha!
I went through the stash and for this knitting, cat lover found the perfect (very old) fabric!  Added some extra height to the roll and.......

The ribbon was from my Clothkits purchase (they tie up their fabric bundles and kits with it), I thought it might be handy for a knitter to have to hand instead of always reaching for a tape measure! And...what a bit of recycling!
Here it is opened up........  I now have another 2 of these to make for my Mum and

In addition, there was a very special birthday round these 'ere neck o' the woods, Tiny Angels Mummy, the beautiful lady here, turned 21!  (So long ago for me I barely remember it!!)
She's into handmade....crochet, knitting, button-y things, not making....just buying!
So wanting to make something one-of-a-kind for her I set to work on another hoop creation like this one from last months Pinaddicts Challenge and I thought now would be a good time to share it with you!
OK, here we go........
Fabric, beads and buttons this time!..
...and because I go the back neater this time...I don't mind showing you!...

So there you have it, my entry for this month.  Why not hop on over and take a look at the other entries or enter something yourself, you can find it here.
'Til the next time (and I am aware that we need a HUGE catch up), take care,
Nora xx