Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stash ! Me? Never.........

...mmmm...OK then, maybe just a bit!

It wasn't my fault!  It never is (she says covering her face to hide the blushes and terribly guilty look!)

Let me did it happen now.

Remember I've only just acquired some gorgeous fabric, I told you about that VERY necessary purchase here!!

That was the wonderful Eternal Maker.

Well, I made a little something for Tiny Angel which I am not yet at liberty to share with you (but it won't be long!)

I took it to show The Ballet Mums whilst we waited for Tiddly Toes and her friends to finish their lesson...... a bit of confidence seeking that this was a good make for my Tiny Angel...

Well, I have to tell you, and much to my utter delight, the answer came back a resounding....GREAT, BEAUTIFUL and can you make 3 for me....and 2 for me!!!!


Wasn't expecting THAT!

So having a chat I found I needed MORE fabric for 3 girls, 1 boy and a grown up boy!

I decided to hop on over to The Cotton Patch because I had seen an advert in a magazine (that I was flicking through in WH Smiths and decided not to buy as the mags seem to be getting very same-y!) and the picture was of some gorgeous Christmas-y fabric that I thought may fit the bill for these latest projects!

So.......... I ordered this...........

These are still a work in progress, but I'm nearly done and I am GREATLY looking forward to sharing these with you when I Ta-Dah in a few days, you'll still have time to whizz up a few for Christmas so don't panic!!
I'd better get back to the sewing machine!
See you soon and in the meantime, please, take very good care of yourself,

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  1. Oh! I love that mitten fabric. what are you making....??


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