Friday, 9 November 2012

Time to walk......

I can't believe how long it has been since my last is whizzing along and there is soooooooo much going on!

My eldest son Alex was 21 late on in October.  Am I really that old!  I must have been a child-bride!!

Then hot on the heels of that celebration came half term which started with a trip to the In-Laws for me and Tiddly Toes.

They live in a beautiful village near Bedford...take a look at our little walk to the Community Shop for sweets.....

Down to the crossroads and the memorial....

My favourite little row of cottages...the first set painted white and covered in wisteria and....

the second set, thatched...divine!
The Community Shop based in the Church Hall, as there's no 'proper' shop, this one stocks sweets and essentials like loo roll, biscuits, eggs, the sorts of things you run out of and don't want to have to get in the car to go and buy.

We went to the Community Shop on the way back, so further down the road is an enormous beech hedge....there was every colour between green and brown and lit up by the most wonderful , warm sunshine....stunning!

As we near the end of the road, we can see across the fields....*breath in*.....*breath out*, fresh air and open space *sigh*.

A little hint of the church as we get closer......

....and there it is, I think I'm right in saying it is 11th Century, Father-in-Law rings the bells on a Sunday, they sound so pretty.

We walk down the path behind the church and find a little hint of Christmas....this is my favourite thing to put in a table decoration or wreath.....

And along the path what do we find....... This is an old spring, it's been here as long as the church.  It is crystal clear, it never dries up, even in the harshest drought and it never freezes over, even in the depths of fact, it has steam coming off it!
Back up towards the shop now, me & Tiddly Toes and a precious leaf!

After the shop, we head for home, back towards the memorial.  The house opposite is THE most beautiful picture postcard, dolls house and with an old fashioned telephone box too!  I love this house, we looked at buying it.....too expensive!

Just outside the gate I look up the road, the white building, half of which is the local pub, The George, it looks a bit like a house, small and sweet inside and sells good and proper ale!
I hope you enjoyed joining me for a little walk and some fresh air.
I hope to return soon with this months PinAddicts Challenge, my, I AM behind this month!
See you soon
Nora xx


  1. Thanks for the little tour. What a darling little town. Makes me want to head back to the UK already, and I 've just been!

    1. The wonderful thing is that when we visit, people chat to us as if they see us everyday, ask after the children and general's like coming home, but it's not our home! We love it there, it's like stepping back 30 years but with technology!

      Whenever we are 'home' we always try to attend the Baptist Church where we were trip I'll catch a photo of that for's gorgeous built in 1753!



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