Friday, 9 November 2012

New stash....ooooppps!

Having said to myself time and time have ENOUGH!  I was asked to make something for a Very Special Tiny Angel in a specific set of colours....none of which I had!

In addition my darling M-I-L has asked for a lap quilt for Christmas, she doesn't know I've never made one before!  Her request did tie in rather nicely with a fabric stash I told you about here and showed you some progress on here!

So I have decided it is for her...want to see a pieced top reveal?

OK, here we go.....TA-DAaaaaH!....

Having decided I would finish it for her, I needed some wadding.  Something that was a combination of warm, light, as natural as possible and not bank-breakingly expensive.  I went for this one from The Eternal Maker,

 they are quite right, it IS gorgeous. I realised I had ordered the wrong amount and sent them an email and 1 telephone call later from the lovely Jess....all was sorted!  Pictured with it is some fabric I know M-I-L will love for her Knitting Needle roll that she also asked for!
Next up some lovely Bubble Car fabric that I was going to use to make my Mum a Knitting Needle Roll, but it's thicker than I'd thought so I'm not sure, but I LOVE the fabric, what do you think?

Then there's some fabric for my Tiny Angel with a felt name or initial.... can't say more as TAs Mummy might read this (hope you like the fabric Em...the Christmas Tree one also has deer on it!).

Then an impulse buy...bad move as it always leads to a bank-breaking total!  Ooooppss!
The giraffe fabric on the left was a bolt end so it was a whole piece for a set amount....BUT then, I had to have some gorgeous bits to go with it!  As my Tiddly Toes likes Giraffes (and bought a cute toy one from Banham Zoo called Melman, yes, as in Madagascar fame!!)  I thought a quilt with giraffes would be a hit.......

What do you think about the addition of the turquoise spot in this picture (that was the trim I bought for the Christmas fabric....!)  Please let me know what you think and whether you think any other colours would suit....if you have a particular fabric in mind please post the link in the comments!  Thanks!
I need all the help I can get with this new journey into quilting!
I have moved all my sewing paraphernalia into the dining room......
and Tiddly Toes is happy in the sand pit!

Here goes..................
Nora xx
P.S.  Forgot to say that the pattern for the Quilt came from this tutorial for The Orange Quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew. 

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