Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh! I forgot to tell you.....

all about our little weekend away!

It was AGES ago...back in September.

Sadly it's been the only opportunity we've had this year to go away in the old girl....but boy was it nice!

Remember us cleaning Flossie-van here, that was back in June!  The summer was very busy with work and our family Holiday, and of course, all the excitement of the Jubilee and Olympics.

So finally, early in September, I rang a local Caravan Park called Honeybridge Park and booked us in....then I told The Hubs!  I think he was quite relieved as work (at our local hospital) was getting to him (very busy but with the threat of redundancy hanging over him!) and if we're not at home, we can't be bothered by business calls either.....or be tempted to log on to email!

I planned meals, so there was nothing to think about there.

Hitched her up and off we went!

Friday night we were exhausted from setting her up and basically went to bed as soon as it got dark!

The weather was grim ALL weekend....but it didn't dampen our spirits!

This is our set up on day one and it sort of developed from there......

....this is Teenage Daughter prepping dinner........

This was breakfast inside...easy to do with the girls on the sofa and us in the awning as no clearing away of a double bed in a confined space before you can eat!  It also meant we could pop all of the girls bedding in the inner tent, zip it up and hide it away and have the rest of the awning and the whole caravan to 'live' in.

Tiddly Toes took her trike and Bouncer....and then enticed her big sister into racing her!

There were, of course, treats......

...and alot of showing off and acting (mostly with a filthy face!)

and playtime with the kids in the van next door and at the play park on site.
Teenage Daughter met some friends who also happened to be there!
The Hubs enjoyed a good read, playing and the opportunity to sit around.
I got the opportunity on Saturday morning to escape to Chichester ALONE where I browsed, quietly and By Myself amongst the gorgeous-ness that is Clothkits and also the utterly amazing and completely enormous Eternal Maker.
On Sunday The Hubs and I (with Tiddly Toes ridding in her seat on the back of my bike) braved the drizzle for a 7 mile round trip to the local pub The Fountain Inn at Ashurst where there is a delightful garden and deck over the pond where we sat and watched the fish whilst we supped real ale!
It was a lovely break from the hurley-burley of usual life.
Can't wait to do it again next year....and hopefully more than once!
Back soon with a walk, some cooking and a playdoh experiment!
See you then,
Nora xx


  1. September?! You must have made some really good memories to still be thinking of September!! <3

  2. sounds so nice! would love to be able to do something similar...also, LOVE the fountain....had my first date with my now husband there! happy happy days! :-) Liz Allison xx

  3. Eternal Maker - mmmmm! Was that the plan all along or just coincidence that you happened to be nearby?

    1. Being at Dial Post it was a little closer....been meaning to go for ages....WHAT A PLACE!!!!

      The credit card got off quite lightly that time, but once I'd taken it all in.....the last splurge was almost £100!!!! OOppps!

      Hope to see you soon...we NEED to catch up! x


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