Friday, 16 November 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge - November 2012

This is a very quick post as I'm busy, BUsy, BUSY!!

BUT...I couldn't let November pass without an entry into the Pinaddicts Challenge!

Can you believe we have whizzed through summer holidays, sped through September, Harvest, Halloween and Guy Fawkes have all gone, here we are in the middle of November...yes!  The Middle of NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm shocked! I'm usually there on the first possible day with my entry...but not this month!

It's all a very rushed blur and Christmas is just round the breaks up 5 weeks today!

We are having our first Christmas with Faraway Family on 8th December..... that's 3 weeks!  Eeeeek!

Christmas Pressies a-go-go!

We have some lovely little cousins in the Black Country, they are arty, crafty
do-ers...hmmmmm.....*light bulb moment* !

Louise from Sew Scrumptious!  No, no....I'm not going to send Louise....but I AM going to send her wonderful crayon rolls!  Well, no, not hers exactly....I made them from her super-duper tutorial.

I won't post the process, Louise's instructions are so good, you won't need me to add straight to the reveal......


The butterfly fabric came from the Clothkits bargain bucket when I visited during a little weekend away in Flossie-van in September (which I don't think I got round to telling you about!). The striped fabric is a fat quarter from my local C & H Fabrics.

The pink and orange dotty fabrics were bundles of fat quarters from my local Hobbycraft.  I decided to give the older girl felt tips and the younger one coloured pencils.......

I'm sure they'll share anyway!  The ribbons were from my stash, the yellow and orange one left over from the light shade upcycle!
So having done mind started whirring.
Knowing my auntie has a very unattractive plastic bag to keep her knitting needles in....ah-ha!
I went through the stash and for this knitting, cat lover found the perfect (very old) fabric!  Added some extra height to the roll and.......

The ribbon was from my Clothkits purchase (they tie up their fabric bundles and kits with it), I thought it might be handy for a knitter to have to hand instead of always reaching for a tape measure! And...what a bit of recycling!
Here it is opened up........  I now have another 2 of these to make for my Mum and

In addition, there was a very special birthday round these 'ere neck o' the woods, Tiny Angels Mummy, the beautiful lady here, turned 21!  (So long ago for me I barely remember it!!)
She's into handmade....crochet, knitting, button-y things, not making....just buying!
So wanting to make something one-of-a-kind for her I set to work on another hoop creation like this one from last months Pinaddicts Challenge and I thought now would be a good time to share it with you!
OK, here we go........
Fabric, beads and buttons this time!..
...and because I go the back neater this time...I don't mind showing you!...

So there you have it, my entry for this month.  Why not hop on over and take a look at the other entries or enter something yourself, you can find it here.
'Til the next time (and I am aware that we need a HUGE catch up), take care,
Nora xx


  1. They are wonderful! I love the fabrics that you have chosen for the pencil rolls, and the embroidery hoop is lovely, I love all the different buttons.

  2. oh wow!!! they look totally amazing! great job :) I can't believe it's nearly December either - total madness!!!! Enjoy the festivities and thanks so much for entering our challenge! xx

  3. Love love love your pencils rolls!! So pleased that you liked the tutorial. So exciting to see someone actually making some. Thank you for sharing. Thats made my day!!

  4. I'm so going to make those crayon rows for Flower! She loves taking things out and putting them back in!

  5. What lovely gifts-I'm sure they will love them!x


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