Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Just had to share this lovely sunset..............

When I took the photos, I wasn't sure if you'd get the shafts of light, but you can make them out.

They reminded me of Clarice Cliff.

Over a few minutes, it gradually faded to this and then more yello, so I feel I caught it at it's best.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

I've had Tooth Fairy duties, Teenage Daughters Prom and a lot of making going on....so I will be back with some updates soon.

'Til then, byeee

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Naughty Bargain!

Oooops!  I couldn't help it.....well, OK I could...BUT!!!!

I've been on and off eBay, Amazon, Gumtree and brand sites looking at dress forms (also know as tailors dummies, mannequins, dressmaking dummies), boy are they expensive!

Even the ones on eBay might start with no reserve but regularly go for excess of £75.  There is certainly LOTS of interest in these at the moment.

Well, I was wandering with my Crafty Friend and happened to see a torso in the window of a charity shop. I popped in t
o find that it was £35!  Yes, £35!

Having just had a conversation with my husband about how much money is leaking out of our account and needing to cut down and all that jazz....I felt too guilty to buy it BUT, I did say that if it was still there on my return a couple of hours later that I would succumb......and succumb I did!

So here is a sneaky shot (sadly it has no stand but I'm working on that!)............

How chuffed am I?

Does The Hubs know yet?!

I'm off to source some instructions as I can't find a YouTube video to tell me how to adjust it.....that could be the next post!

Until then.....toodle-oo


Saturday, 13 June 2015


Yes! *punches the air in a most un-lady-like manner*

Do I feel great right now?  Yes.

Am I proud of myself? Yes.

Am I proud of my Little Lady's photography skills?  YES!

Grab a cuppa, make yourself comfy....we're up for a TA-DAH!

This journey started last June whilst on holiday when I stumbled across the blog of lovely Jane at Handmade Jane..wow...is she inspiring!  And so willing to share her knowledge and be of enormous help to allow those sewing-ly challenged amongst us to get a leg up in the dressmaking stakes.

I love her style and also her colour choices (I love a bit of red myself!).

She lead me on to many other wonderful blogs and sites like Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing, The Little Tailoress, But it Can't Be From Dolly Clackett, The Vintage Pattern Files, Jennifer Lauren Vintage, Burdastyle.....*breath*..... and so I could go on...and on, and on!

What came out of this holiday rummage was that I REALLY wanted to sew something for myself.

I like unique things, and I'm happy to buy from charity shops so that I'm less likely to wear something someone else is sporting and there are some unusual finds too.




Make it yourself for a better fit!

OK.  Here we go.  By the end of the holiday I had bought Colette's Jasmin Blouse, Jennifer Lauren's Bronte Top and Burdastyles Sailor Pants.

Weirdly, I later looked for the Vintage Simplicity 4238 and made that first....told you about that here.

I've also made an apron based on a pattern I found on Pinterest (more about that here...)

And some PJs which I told you about here, (but haven't yet updated you on another 2 pairs!!)

So, FINally I get around to those sailor pants!  Tentatively!

I can't tell you much about the fabric other than I got it from Fabricland for around £5 per metre, it is navy blue and it is trouser-y stuff...what exactly I have no idea!

You'll have to PLEAse excuse the state of the trousers as I had worn them all day at Little Lady's party when we went bowling and picnic-ing in the park....well worn and crumpled!

So...ready....here we go.................

Little Lady didn't quite get the shot right, so let's try again.......

Not bad at all and for a front detail shot.......

....and a side shot to show the fit......

I L-O-V-E them...what's not to love?

I'm putting them up as my May Make on #mmaw2015.

I am sooooo inspired!  I have the Retro Butterick 5605 out at this moment, instructions being absorbed, bodice cut and I'm also contemplating cutting a shorts version of these Sailor Pants in a lovely floral fabric I found in the remnant stack at my local fabric store.

I'll keep you posted on progress......finally, sorry for the radio silence and finally, finally...thank you Jane xx