Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Naughty Bargain!

Oooops!  I couldn't help it.....well, OK I could...BUT!!!!

I've been on and off eBay, Amazon, Gumtree and brand sites looking at dress forms (also know as tailors dummies, mannequins, dressmaking dummies), boy are they expensive!

Even the ones on eBay might start with no reserve but regularly go for excess of £75.  There is certainly LOTS of interest in these at the moment.

Well, I was wandering with my Crafty Friend and happened to see a torso in the window of a charity shop. I popped in t
o find that it was £35!  Yes, £35!

Having just had a conversation with my husband about how much money is leaking out of our account and needing to cut down and all that jazz....I felt too guilty to buy it BUT, I did say that if it was still there on my return a couple of hours later that I would succumb......and succumb I did!

So here is a sneaky shot (sadly it has no stand but I'm working on that!)............

How chuffed am I?

Does The Hubs know yet?!

I'm off to source some instructions as I can't find a YouTube video to tell me how to adjust it.....that could be the next post!

Until then.....toodle-oo


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