Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas 2012!

Haven't had time to pop in and see you, oh there alot to catch up on.

I HAVE been making.... but it's also been busy at work (end of term....excited kids!!), illness in the family including an ambulance call out for an halucinating 3 year old!  (No, not my cooking....high temperature!) and didn't start my Christmas shopping until the 15th December!!!!!!!

We have however decorated the tree..........

...and we are now all wrapped, written, sewn, crocheted and baked for the Big Day, so all that's left for me to say is.........
See you soon.
  With very much love
Nora xxx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent...and we're off!

Yes, it is here!!  Hoorah!

I love it!

I wanted to make a special advent calendar this year BUT...time ran away again!

MIL fills a snowman advent calendar for the kids every year, this year it was decided to do it for just the girls and get the boys just choccie advents.  MIL put the Santa somewhere safe, she couldn't find it!!  Hahahaha!  I did laugh!  She thinks it's old age, so I had to set her straight and let her into the secrets of the things that I put somewhere safe and can never find again (until, that is, you are doing something totally unrelated and then find it in the most obscure place!!!)

I knew I had a fabric advent calendar, and I knew where it was!!!

I had a rummage in the loft for it and discovered that we had had furry visitors who had nibbled a couple of the hanging bits of it right off!  Couldn't even find them!


Here's a close up of their handiwork!!

Little.....*muttley muttering*.....mice!
Anyways....I grabbed some ribbon the same colour as the sky, seam ripped the bottom of the calendar, turned it inside out, rotary cut the top off, restitched the top with ribbon angers in place, turned the right way round, pressed, sewed up the open seam and........
here it is filled with chocs and an Advent activity.......

(gosh these photos aren't good are they? )
And here are Granny's (MILs) pressies in our Christmas Dish for the girls to pick out on their day (Tiddly Toes is odd number days and Teenage Daughter evens!)
And the Advent activity for Day 1 was to write to Santa!

This is Tiddly Toes offering (Teenage Daughters is on the computer!  Technology...pfft!)  She even managed to sign her own name without any help...oh! and 2 kisses for Santa too!  Bless.
Advent activity for Day 2 was to go to Tiddly Toes pre-school Christmas Fair, sadly I couldn't go as I was ill in bed, but she had a lovely time with Daddy and Teenage Daughter and this is what she came back with............

......a balloon, hot chocolate for 2, a bracelet, a Santa springer and 2 Christmas tree decorations that she had made....ah!  Lovely!
Advent Activity Day 3 (today!) was to make a Christmas Garland, I found an old bookazine filled with lots of lovely, good quality papers and ripped out the ones that were greens, pinks and whites.  I chopped across the A4 pages to about 3cm strips, we got out the glue stick, like this......

...and in no time at all already had the start of something beautiful going on......

Here's the pile down to the last 6 chains!

And here it is hanging across the ceiling in our lounge with some other gorgeous paper decorations that I found in Wilkinsons for £1-£1.50 each!
Well, that's us so far....can't wait to see what tomorrows activity is!
Are you doing something special for Advent?
Going to leave you with this slightly smudged but rather cute image of Tiddly Toes after another school Christmas Fair on Friday where I did face-painting......
Shame she has a cold and had to keep wiping her nose!!!
Until the next time....have fun!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

PinAddicts Challenge - December 2012..... Christmas Stockings!

It's that time of the month again for the PinAddicts Challenge and my entry also happens to be the unveiling of my secret project for Tiny Angel and Ballet Mums.

It started with an obsession with Christmas Stockings!   They just HAVE to be the right shape!

I started looking around (but have only recently pinned onto Pinterest).

....and a huge dose of inspiration from my Christmas Board on Pinterest!  As you can see from my board I have been collecting them!  Not all that I have seen but the select few that are the right shape!  I have yet to pin one from Louise at Sew Scrumptious...adore those....hang on!  OK, I've pinned them now!

I have been looking at tutorials. I felt the Best One was from .... *drum roll please*...... Fabric Worm!  Is simple, easy to follow and the result is beautiful.

So starting with my fabric from the post previous to this one.......

...and some of the wadding left over from this post.........

....and a huge dose of inspiration from my Christmas Board on Pinterest! And the tutorial from Fabric Worm....I started to cut......
2 outer fabrics, 2 waddings & 2 linings for the foot part and 1 cuff fabric and 1 cuff wadding for the...cuff!
I shan't go into the making part because the tutorial is so good, I don't think it is necessary for me to add anything else!
So straight onto the reveal then...........
Girlie Stocking for Ballet Mum No.1.......
Boy Stocking for Ballet Mum No.2...........

(sorry about the fuzzy pic on that one!)
Big Boy stocking for Ballet Mum No.1..................

And finally my very first creation.... Girlie Stocking for Tiny Angel.......

How utterly bonkers proud am I of these!!!?
I can't tell you....but the best feeling is that other people LOVE them too, they bring happy-ness and smile-y-ness and make me happy and smile-y in return.
With the wadding they feel gorgeously luxurious and I adore the fabrics....I have more to make and as yet no two will be the same!  That's what I call a Hand Crafted Original!
And let's be honest....who wouldn't want one of those!
I have a plan to personalise them....but that will have to wait 'til next year.  It's novel (I think) and can be added to these next year and will ring the changes!
Well, apart from saying hop on over to the Pinaddicts Challenge Website where you can follow the linky to see the December entries and take a look or have a go yourself....enjoy!.... all that is left for me to say is thanks for popping in to see me here......please say 'Hi' in the comments so I know you came....
See you soon,