Thursday, 2 October 2014

Another Blog Takeover by Little Lady!

But how could I resist telling you about her!

After the monster scooter bag, she was still raring to go, so not having another project up my sleeve I decided to teach her (huh-herm.....said loosely as I had never done it either!!!) to Quilt-As-You-Go!

We took our inspiration from Little Island Quilting and the Soy Amado Project, if you don't know anything about it, PLEASE hop over and take a look, quilt 51  has just been finished!

We started with a square of quilt batting and a pile of odd strips of fabric chosen by Little Lady from my stash.....

we laid two together and away she went following the foot down the edge of the fabric strips...Mummy was at the ready with the iron.....

And that was it! I ironed them flat, she chose the next one and laid it on the top, pinned and whizzed!

Done in no time at all!

Here she is with her finished square.  She had a rest before she quilted it during which time I discovered a little hole which I repaired.

She then went on to quilt it using this on the back....

Here she is buzzing up and down the lines....
(Proud Mummy Moment!)

And here she is with the beautifully quilted front........

....and back!

We are hoping to send it to the Soy Amado Project....have you made one yet?

Don't know what I'll be back with next time as I am aware that Little Lady has made another project from the sewing book, I promised you a garden update, we have a holiday to remember some (cough) ......purchases!  Ooops!

See you soon!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Little Lady and the Sewing Machine Adventure.....

Nope, not the latest Ladybird book, but our real life adventure with another book.

Hoping Louise at Sew Scrumptious might read this as her daughter has just received a gorgeous new purple sewing machine for her birthday...Happy Birthday Isabella!

Here is the book.....

....and here is the very first project chosen by Little Lady.....

...a Monster Scooter Bag!

I traced the bits onto freezer paper so that we had them for future reference (I pop pattern pieces in an envelope taped to the inside back cover of books).  She helped me cut some with scissors and supervised me rotary cutting others!

Here she is pinning her stripes......

...and here she is sewing them!


Yep, that's all her with no interference from Mummy!

Here's the eyes sewn on to the bag cute is all that skew-wiff sewing!?

And here he is pinned ready for the all-round-the-edge-sewing bit.

And there is one VERY happy 5 year old with her Monster Scooter Bag! Great job Little Lady!  What a great book too, nice pattern templates, easy instructions...nuf said!

Back soon with more Little Lady Sewing....she'll be needing her own blog soon!

Ta-ta for now,