Sunday, 30 September 2012

Low Fat Experimental Cooking!

It doesn't sound great does it?

Sounds dodgy to me......and I did it!

It all started in 1997 when I caught proper 'flu'....boy was I ill.  I didn't eat for 6 days, I went to bed on the Thursday evening and re-emerged on Tuesday afternoon.  Shortly afterwards I began feeling uncomfortable under my right rib, thinking it was an old ulcer coming back to haunt me I drank some milk and pain-killers. 

What a mistake!!!!

It was a problem with my gallbladder!  Milk was a VERY bad option.

Anyway, it turns out that if you have a severe infection and don't eat, your gallbladder still fires off bile but because it's not being used it builds up to stones.

Well, one way and another, the stone thing resolved, but I was left with a dysfunctional gallbladder.  For this I just stick to a low fat diet.  I don't eat more than about 10-12grams of fat per meal interspersed with snacks of 4-5g to ensure my overall fat intake for the day is somewhere close to the daily recommended for women of around 70g. 

The restricted diet makes for interesting trips out eating very uninteresting food!

In this 'Foodie' world we live in, everything must be drizzled in olive oil, sauteed in butter, drowned in cream or sprinkled with cheese!  So I usually end up with salad (no dressing!) or grilled fish!

Trying to be a little more adventurous at home, I am trying to find ordinary recipes that are quite low fat like the Oaty Biscuits made by Lucy of Attic 24, Grandma Beths Rock cakes and the Steamed Seabass I made here.  This is not easy!

Recently in the UK, 2 of our TV chefs (known as The Hairy Bikers) have made a lifestyle change but not wanting to forfeit their usual food have tried to make it low fat.....and have succeeded by all accounts!

I took their Quiche recipe and substituted Bacon & Asparagus for Salmon and Broccoli Spears......very nice!

I thought I would take it one further and see if I could make a tasty Cheese & Onion here goes!

1 pack of Filo Pastry
1 medium onion
1 medium sized potato
200ml of semi skimmed milk
2 eggs (beaten) (contains 12g of fat)
10g of cornflour
100 g of low fat cheese (I think Tescos own is the best flavour and texture...not too rubbery!) (contains 16g of fat)
Salt & Pepper

I made mine Mini Quiches in 8 large Yorkshire pudding tins, but 1 8" flan dish would do about the same amount.

My tins are non stick , but I gave them the lightest wipe of Cookeen anyway.  I cut the standard sheet of Jus-Rol in half and then one of these squares into 4 smaller squares.  Use 3 or 4 layers to line each Yorkshire Pudding well, brushing in between with milk to get them to stick together.  Fold the corners in to the pie to make it round.

Peel and dice the potato and finely chop up the onion.  Pop then into boiling water and bring to the boil.  Simmer until both onion and potato are soft. Drain them and mash together.

In another pan mix the cornflour with about a quarter of the milk, keep stirring as it will thicken quickly.  Once thickened remover from the heat, stir in the rest of the milk to loosen it up a bit.  Add the 2 eggs, your potato & onion mash and half to three quarters of the cheese (leave enough to sprinkle some on the top of each quiche.) Season with Salt and Pepper.

Pour this mixture into your Filo cases, slice tomato and place on the top, I used cherry tomatoes on my small quiche, you could use these or large tomatoes on the 8" quiche.  Sprinkle with the cheese you left to one side and pop into the oven for about 30-40mins.

The quiche need to be set, so the cooking time depends on the depth of your filling.  It should also be nicely golden brown on top and the tomatoes cooked and maybe just starting to caramelise...yummy!

Here is mine.....


Looks scrummy doesn't it?  It tasted delicious and each mini quiche contains less than 4g of fat in total.  It was hard to calculate as the milk content is tiny and the filo is such a small amount (you can get 2 x 8" quiches plus 8 x 4" mini quiches out of 1 pack of Filo) so I just added the cheese and eggs (28g), rounded up to 32g to take account of the milk and filo, divided by 8 comes out at 4g!

Next time I'm going to try adding some herb....but I don't know what.  I'm thinking something Italian to go with the tomatoes, cheese and onion....what do you think?

Back soon with a delicious low fat Victoria sandwich'll like that!  Promise!

Until then, take really good care of yourself,
Nora xx

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos!  I got a bit carried away with the cooking!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

PinAddicts Challenge - September 2012

It is so nice to be back!

Last month I missed the Challenge as I was on holiday....very nice, but very odd not to link up , share, ooo, ahhh, comment and generally have some crafty fun. did allow me to finish working on a little crochet project that I had started for August (but ran out of time and ran out of umpf when I realised I couldn't blog it anyway!).

It was inspired by.....

Wait for it.....

Promise you won't laugh?

Hmmmm, OK, take a look at these..............

Fab aren't they? 
Take a look here on the Purl bee, the story unravels and the instructions are great....there are also LOADS of posts about crochet and also knitting, sewing embroidery and other craft projects, everyone that I've looked at has THE most fantastic instructions too.
Not thinking that I would be very successful at this I chose a cheap yarn.....
......purple, jade and pink Stylecraft Special Double Knit available from Deramores currently at £1.99 per 100g ball....there are 47 colours to choose from!
Being 100% acrylic, I thought it would be quite hard wearing for a pair of slippers too!
I decided to use two colours (purple and jade) together to make the soles of my slippers.... just a little more hard wearing again.
You can see the sole here with sides and toes crocheted on.....
Here is a sketch of how I crocheted mine together, start with edge 1, as you go you'll work out which sides are decorative and which actually join squares.....
So here is one of my slippers all crocheted up and awaiting its ends to be sewn in......
And the finished article, all cosy and warm and ideal for trotting around the house in......
Here we go....

Mine are a little on the large side just now as I am wearing thin or no socks, they do still fit though.....but as the winter goes on and I move into cotton tights and thicker socks, they will comfortably allow for the increased foot size!
They are a little bit bonkers (like me!) but very easy and extremely comfy...go on, you know you want to.....give them a go!!
Can't crochet.....why not knit the squares....use up all those bits and make them multi-coloured.......embellish with pompoms!!  The possibilities are endless!
Have fun, I'm off to look at the other PinAddicts Challenge entries, if you want to see them or maybe enter, then click here .....see you soon,
Nora xx