Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Freehand Machining.....

Something I'd fancied having a go at, but not plucked up the courage.

I was given a book for my birthday in 2012, it is by the brilliant Poppy Treffrey and contains oodles of advice and encouragement to just do it!

So in the end, I just did it!

My Tiddly Toes needed a gym bag for school.  Being short on time I ordered a plain one from Panduro Hobby.

I wrote up her name in a flowing, handwriting type of font on the computer, I thought this would lend itself best to flowing my machining.

I printed it out bold so that I could see it through the interfaced fabric, like this......

I then simply hooped it up and started stitching!

And this is the result........ta-dah!......

A little wonky, but I'm quite pleased and Tiddly Toes is over the moon!  No-one else has a gym bag like this!

The moral....just have a go!

Have you tried anything new recently?


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