Thursday, 30 January 2014

The story of my life at the moment

was summed up by this.......

Now known as a 'butter dish moment' it conjures up those moments and days in life when things don't go quite as you planned and yet by some miracle did not become the awfully disastrous catastrophe that you were expecting!

Needless to say that once I had got over the shock of the butter sticking to the front of the kitchen door (where it stayed for a number of minutes!!)  we all had a jolly good belly laugh about it....unbelievable!

A couple of days later I dropped the glass butter dish in this same corner of the kitchen and managed to 'catch' it with my foot which thankfully broke its fall and it slid off my foot, down my toes and slithered gracefully to the floor un-smashed!

To say I am distracted, accident prone and an utter nuisance at the moment is an understatement!!!!

Do you ever have a butter dish moment?

Hopefully this raised a smile in your neck o' the woods.


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  1. Thanks for the laugh! Oh, yes, I've had many moments just like that and you just have to laugh about it before cleaning it up....
    Have a great weekend,


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