Friday, 24 February 2012

I did promise a bit of teasing.....

...and here it is.....

....some WIPs (Works In Progress) .....always sounds better than UFOs (UnFinished Objects!)

UFOs sounds like they've been abandoned....but WIPs sounds like they're on your mind....or work table!

Here we go with item 1...

This little creation under construction comes from this pile of stuff  here (first picture) and is destined for this!

WIP number 2......

....well I haven't shared this with you before but there will be an explanation and Ta-Dah coming VERY soon!  (Nice ribbon!)

WIP number 3..... more side to go!

I've mentioned the fabric here (4th picture down)'s destined for this super duper cause *smiley face*.

Then there's this....

and 2 more like's related to this (2nd picture down).  But the idea developed, and soooooo quickly I'm short on photos!  But will share that Ta-Dah very soon..... *grin*.

It's quite a colourful little world I live in, so glad you could pop by and share a bit of it with me.

See you soon xx

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