Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sharing (Part One)

So after alot of baking, a little teasing and some sharing of stash....we move onto sharing of a different kind.....

A very exciting Share that I mentioned here and here.

It started with this fabric.....

It's VERY fact if I find out how old I will let you know.  It has followed me from house to house as I have moved and I've never been able to part with it....but I can't put my finger on why.

Then I read about this and followed the link to here for the pattern and tutorial, here's the pattern all cut out and ready to go (you can see where Tiddly Toes 'helped' with the cutting along the bottom edge!).

So, pattern pinned to my fabric, cut, and then the bottom hem pinned and sewn......

Next, turn over, iron and pin the necks, sew, these are now casings for elastic.  Pop the elastic in and secure at each end.

Pin the bias binding around the armholes leaving sufficient to make shoulder ties. 

Pin on some pretty, bright ric-rac.

Sew the binding and ric-rac on with matching thread, like this...........

And......... I'm excited - hope you are too!........... here we go.........


And here it is modelled by the lovely Tiddly Toes......

This is my prototype before some friends and I try for a Sew-in on Africa Day to make as many dresses as we can.

Well that's one!

Share (Part Two) follows shortly, until then take care.

N xx


  1. Great job there! She looks gorgeous!

  2. I can see why you never wanted to part with the fabric it's a lovely colour and pattern. Great make too, wish I could sew!

  3. I love your dress!! Its gorgeous. Good luck with your Africa Day sew in. If you take some photos I am happy to put them on my blog and the facebook page if you want? It might help inspire others! I've found this link which might help re scaling up the pattern. See what you think.

    1. THAT'S FANTASTIC!! Soooooooo helpful. I'm going to try and get our 5 feeder schools involved by asking parents (of daughters mainly) to donate all the makings of a dress and then label each dress with the name of the little girl it came might get more people involved if they feel it's personal.

      We also support Samaritan's Purse Water Filter Project so it's another (mad) thought to provide refreshments on the day for donations to buy one £40 water filter aswell!



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