Friday, 20 January 2012

New Year......New Start!

Sounds grand....but really it's not!

For a while I've been craving a little corner, where I can set up a space all of my own for crafting.  I've looked at various options of Hobby Tables, gateleg tables, making something out of MDF and brackets but all were more expensive than just a beautiful old bureau with a glazed bookcase on top.

I Ebay'ed, searched, watched, wished and BID!

For days I kept popping back to see if there was other interest...there was!  Oh my!  Well I had a budget and I put that as my top bid...I then waited and watched, watched and waited and then........... I WON THE BID!!!

After a flurry of emails and 'phone calls I collected a bit of a sad specimen that was damp, very dirty and in need of some serious TLC.

Once home, The Hubby & I had a bit of a Laurel & Hardy moment trying to lift this treasure up the stairs to our bedroom.  Once there it was washed, oiled, polished and had it's rough shelves covered in funky wrapping paper (a trick from my Nanny).

Do you want to see.........?  Well here it is...... Ta-Dah!!

Can you see how snuggly it fits into that little gap between the side of our wardrobe and the wall.... I'm sure for this reason alone, it was meant to be mine!

It houses my stash of Rico Design Creative Cotton and...... stash of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino sooooooo well!

Not to mention an array of fabrics awaiting transformation, including my red skirt that I mentioned here.  The dark blue patterned one (a couple below my red cord skirt) destined to become a Pillowcase Dress for Sew Scrumptious, Dress A Girl Around the World.  And the fabric at the top of the picture....well that Ta-Dah will be coming in a few days!

In addition to this wondrous new start for my craft I've also decided to get some I'm starting Ballet very soon.  And, to eat better at lunchtime, not necessarily more healthily, just eat....well, more! 

I tend to graze and snack (or go for the easy cheese sandwich option) and then realise it's time to go to work and haven't had the sort of lunch that will sustain yet more snacking and grazing!  I think I need more of this.....

 ... and definitely more of this!

I hope you can get a bit of these into your life...... in the meantime ENJOY! xx

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