Sunday, 29 January 2012

Baby Slippers

OK....I'm taking you back now to earlier in the month when I wrote this about some books I had received as gifts.

One of them was this....

Oh Joy!  What a delicious book!  There's some scrummy projects for your kitchen, for your home and for yourself.  BUT, the one that melted my heart was Babywear!  Well I don't have a baby anymore (sadly!)....but I do have THE most beautiful soon to be God-Daughter who was only born days before I got this book!

How fortunate for me!

If you have eagle this blog you will have spotted something on the desk of my bureau.  See......?

And here it is in close up.......

Open at the Baby Slipper page.... yes, Nicki Trench's Cute & Easy Crochet book .......MmmmmmmMmmmmm!

Sooooo scrumptious.

And have you spotted them in the top right hand corner?  Slippers. All made from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which I bought from Sue & Linda at The Wool Shop, Essex who offer good prices and excellent customer service (Thank you ladies xx).

The darker pink ones are made using 3.5mm & 4mm crochet hooks (so are different sizes - slightly!).  They were used to keep a certain God-Daughter's feet warm on a visit.  Which then prompted Mummy to request a pair for God-Daughter's Naming Ceremony in April...  The bliss of being able to make them for a purpose...a real Occassion!

So off I went again, hookedy-hook......  Pale pink and ivory yarn.  Hookedy-hook with my 4mm crochet hook.

And look what happened...............  Ta-Dah!!.........................

The most perfect, gorgeous, pinky-ivory, soft and scrummy Slippers in the Whole World....well, street!

Aren't they just adorable?  Do you like them?

I know a Little Lady (& her Mummy) who will LOVE them...... what a delight!

I'll be back again very soon with another Ta-Dah, but for now.... Bye bye xx

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  1. Hi Nora, Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. A dress day on Africa Day sounds fab!! Let me know more nearer the time and I can blog about you and what you are doing. Thanks for getting involved. Love your crochet shoes. Gorgeous! I keep meaning to learn how to crochet. Not enough hours in the day at the moment tho!


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