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...and sharing Christmas makes

Again I must apologise for my excuse...well, life really, it's all got a bit busy here and it's taken a while to get the photos together.


As promised I wanted to share with you the things my Twelve-teen Daughter & I made for Christmas.  Not all presents, as some were fundraisers for a friends Christmas Bazaar and Tiddly Toes Pre-School Christmas Fayre.

If I start way back in December and work my way forward it looks like this.... starting off with some Christmas cards for family and friends...a lovely relaxing couple of hours at the dining table.  Unfortunately, using the dining table means I have to put it all away, so if I want to leave it out in case Inspiration hits me or if I have a spare 10 minutes to make a quick card....I can't.  Oh! For a lovely crafty me space...*dream, dream*.

Next up was the Christmas Fayre at the Pre-School our Tiddly Toes goes to.  They provide a cracker template and ask you to make 2 toy or sweetie filled crackers to go on a Cracker Tombola...they are soooo easy and she loved sticking on the stars soooo much that we made a few more than 2!

This is a good template from a site called, print it onto coloured A4 card, fold the ends towards the centre at the line that goes through the middle of the diamonds and snip out the triangles.  Roll the tube (you can use a loo or kitchen roll tube to keep the shape), glue together, tie one end with ribbon, pop your gift in the other end and tie up that end with ribbon, decorate however you like and ....Ta-Dah! 

For luxurious and adult crackers, why not try good quality handmade paper or even designer wallpaper....crackers aren't just for Christmas...try them as Wedding favours or Birthday gifts.  For a bit more inspiration on the making and decorating with a lovely Engagement story thrown in, try watching this from Channel 4's programme Kirsties Homemade Christmas or if you just fancy a tutorial try this, also from Kirstie.

Next up was our friends Christmas Bazaar fundraiser, my Twelve-Teen Daughter got busy with the knitting needles encouraged by Granny, who also helped swell the stash, I managed 3 'phone cozies and an apple cozy. 

Not sure where the pattern for the 'phone cozies came from, but from memory it was about 30 stitches, stocking stitch 2 rows in alternate colours for about 18 stripes (36 rows), change to a contrasting colour for 1 or 2 rows and then cast off.  This is also the perfect size for a packet of tissues!  To finish, pop a button in the middle of one side and a piece of ribbon threaded through the knitting and knotted on the top of the other side.  It should now just fold over at the top, slip the ribbon around the button and ....Ta-Dah!

The pattern for the apple cozy came from a magazine called Mollie Makes.  The little Treasure Bags on the top row were a Granny knit, not sure where she got the pattern (although lots of things are just in her head!), finished off with button embellishment and ribbon ties by Twelve-Teen Daughter.

Just before Christmas, we meet up with the family that we won't see on Christmas Day as they have gone to visit other relatives further afield.  Thinking I was all ahead of myself I wrote a list on the morning of the meal to remind me of all the things I had to take.  I got as far as my cousin, his wife and 2 children and presents!!

I stuck on my thinking cap and got out my stash to see what I could conjure up.  Having recently seen heart decorations on another episode of Kirstie's Channel 4 show and knowing that I had felt, embroidery floss, Christmas fabric, stuffing, ribbon and some fusible webbing (the sort you use for applique), I decided on these.......

...and stitched the children's names and the year onto the felt.

They are 'glued together with the applique webbing, so the stitching around the outside is just for decoration.

Daddy wouldn't have appreciated anything crafty, so he got some lottery tickets, but Mummy got a 'phone cozy, same pattern as the ones above, but this time the closure was crocheted chain stitch rather than a ribbon....lovely old fashioned button, don't you think?

OK, we're getting there, still a way to go though.

Next were some presents that indulged my passion for crochet (again inspired by this at Attic24).  I started off with a cushion in cotton for Tiddly Toes (front right), then one in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (front left) for my God-Daughter (only born on 25th November..... I was was fabulous....but that's a whole other story!), then thought I'd go chunky with one in Sirdar Big Softie (back right), one in Pampas (back centre) and one in some really cheap but nice DK that I doubled up (back left), look.....

My Daughters was the first made, thankfully she had a wee accident on it.....! 

Thankfully!  I hear you cry...... why yes. 

It meant that I taught myself how to crochet most of the cushion together and then edge one side and edge and make loops on the other side of an opening (that you close with buttons), so that if any of the cushions were to have an unfortunate accident....they could be washed!  Ta-Dah!

Next was my lovely friend in America, we met through and hit it off straight away.  Just knew I had to make her something special so went for this Friendship Bird.......

That's my name for it and I got the idea from the Talented and Inspirational Lucy at Attic24.  Try it.... her tutorials are great...lovely, simple step-by-step photos to guide you through.

The other makes I've already shown you.  Remember these Gingerbread Stars?  The recipe is here.

And the Chocolate Traybakes?  The recipe for those is here.

There was our Last-Minute-Dash-Around-The-Garden Table Decoration....remember that's here if you want to see that one.....

....along with this about my Attic24 inspired wrist-warmers.  Remember those?

Well, I think that's brought you right up to date with all the Christmas making, creating and baking.  I hope you liked it and maybe it's inspired you to have a go at
non-commercial celebrations, whatever they may be.

Hope to see you again soon, bye xx

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