Monday, 23 January 2012

New, not really

What can I say...where do I start....well - take a look at this sorry article I was given!

Sad, isn't it? Well....not for long!

Remember the fabric in the top of the picture (fourth picture down) in this post?

Well...... I stripped off that old green fabric and used it as a template to cut some wadding, (probably similar to the stuff you use in quilting, or maybe to insulate something like a tea cosy), I left the old stuffing where it was (it is amazingly comfortable, so whay change it!) and used the wadding to cover the old stuffing.

I used the old green fabric again as a template to cut a lining from an old white sheet

Ah!  There it is....THAT fabric.  Again using the old green fabric as a template, I cut this fabric.

I scoured the local haberdashery shop for a suitable trim, couldn't find anything the correct size or my friend Jenny would describe them - they were all 'moth' colours!

Mmmm! *thinking*, problem solved!  With my new Rico Creative Cotton Stash, there was a beautiful zingy lime colour, very much like the colour of the small flowers on the fabric......look....

I played and came up with this....

It is basically a foundation chain (mine was 215 stitches so that I could be sure it would fit the full 2m around the chair). 

You then Double Crochet or DC (UK terms) into the top loop of each chain (start in the second chain from your hook). 

When you've worked back to your very first chain you make 6DCs into this, this turns the work around the end and you then DC in th remaining loop of you chains all the way back to the other end. In your last chain (the first one you started with 2 Chains going in the other direction) make 5DCs and join with a Slip Stitch or SS into the second of the original 2 chain turn.

Because I couldn't get my fingers, tacks and a hammer all the way around the chair...I cheated!! 

I stapled the fabric onto the chair like this......

...and I used a hot glue gun to attach my Homemade Crochet Chair Trim like this.....

So are you ready for the Full Monty?  Want to see the finished (or should that be furnished!) goes..................Ta-Dah!!!

And there my little Chair sits, in the corner, next to my Craft Cabinet (and if you can see it just peeking out from under my cabinet and to the left of the chair seat... a Fortnum & Mason Hamper I also 'won' on Ebay...... to hide more stash! Shhhh! Don't tell!)

I'm looking forward to many happy hours creating in my upcycled, Comfy Crafting Chair.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my joy.  See you soon xx


  1. Just right for crafting in!

  2. oh yes Nicky! It's old but soooo comfy! And it's lower than an ordinary chair so my little legs don't dangle!!! :D


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