Monday, 9 January 2012

Sharing Gifts....

I'm getting so behind...I do apologise.  For weeks now I have been meaning to share with you some of the wonderful gifts I have been given.

I am a book person....I do love my books.  I haven't tried an electronic book, but I have to say it just doesn't appeal.  I do love flicking through the pages (backwards, odd, I know...but I bet a few of you do it too!).  For some strange reason I always hold the bulk of the book or magazine in my left hand and flick from the back to the front.  I'm trying to make an effort to start at the front these days...but old habits and all that!

Anyway, part of the joy of real books is the feel of the pages and the smell of new books....well even the smell of old books....dusty, musty creamy, brown pages.  I digress!

My friends and family know that I love books and would rather sit and thumb pages than flick screens on a laptop or handheld techno-book (my one exception is to read the blog of Lucy at attic24) . So over the last months, either to cheer me up when I was ill or for my birthday and Christmas presents these are the wonderful reading materials and inspiration I have received.....

.. has some lovely projects with beads in the body of the piece, trims with beads and some that you sew the beads on afterwards...don't you just love that beach cover up on the front?

.. is quite a funky book, has some unusual things like a crochet trim for a skirt, jewellery and a lovely chunky hat and scarf, pictures and the most fantastic hot water bottle cover (never though I'd be excited by that!)

.... is a real feast for the eyes, so colourful....and clever.  I've got an idea to crochet some red roses and mount on a canvas as I can't find a picture I like for my landing.

..... was one from my lovely sons for my birthday.  The Christmas projects are delightful and the little linen dress is sooooo sweet, plenty here for me to create or use as inspiration for embellishing my own makes. 

.....given to me by the other son.  I'm crazy about some little slippers in here, so that is top of my list of quick evening projects!

I do love colour and this magazine is full of it.  I want to try the Japanese Knot Bags, but I love this mag not so much for the making as the lifestyle it portrays, the inspiration and colour.  Thank you to my daughter for this one.

And thanks to my other daughter for this one.  It was featured in a magazine I bought, think it might have been a Christmas edition of Prima.  I loved the simple but striking makes and put the book on my Wishlist for Christmas.... fortunately I didn't have to wait long to unwrap it!

..last but not least a novel.  I'm not a great reader of anything that isn't crafty or
bake-y, so this was a suprise.  The story of a group of friends, all members of a Cookie Club that bakes and meets before Christmas.  Each chapter has a cookie recipe ... delicious! 

I know these aren't books but I couldn't finish without showing you 2 more of my lovely gifts.  Remember I said I liked colour?  Well, I just love this.....

And another item on my Wishlist was a skirt kit from clothkits, that I had been logging on and drooling over for months!  It is soooo lovely!  The pattern is printed on the fabric, it comes with thread, lining and zip neatly wrapped in the fabric and tied with a ribbon tape measure, look....

I hope you've enjoyed sharing in the pleasure my gifts have bought me.  I've just realised that I didn't show you all our Christmas makes that we gave as gifts so....I'll see you again very soon with an update on that.

Bye for now x


  1. nora I have three of those books and am supposed to be crocheting a bag from Cute & easy crochet!

    1. Great book isn't it? I'll be uploading my baby slippers I made using a pattern from there very soon.

      Erm....'supposed to be.....'? What's going on there Nicky? :D


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