Monday, 27 February 2012

Sharing (Part Two)

And as it is.....

So, this Make started life quite differently.  As a Roman Blind!  Look.....

Lovely and bright and many of the colours in my Soon-to-be-God-Daughters bedroom.

Drew up this template on a bit of discarded cereal packet - always handy for templates.  I also have a template folder in case I want to do this again, then I don't have to draw it out again.  The cardboard lasts better than paper.

Anyway measuring and marking a 176mm line across the top, mark halfway (88mm) and draw a line down 210mm, join this 'point' of your flag to the two ends of the 176mm line to make a triangle, like this.......

Used it to start cutting the blind.  Some of the triangles were cut with the stripe one way and some the other.

Pinned the triangles together and used the template to draw myself a guide line for sewing. 

Once sewn, I trimmed with pinking shears.

I turned the flags the right way round and slipped the template back inside to keep the shape whilst I ironed them.

Also left the template in whilst I trimmed the top edge like this......

So here we have them, six flags showing a horizontal stripe (vertical on the back)......

...and six flags showing a vertical stripe (horizontal on the back).........

I had been searching for ribbon for this and had found none that I liked (hence this project didn't progress very quickly from this point!).

Then I went into our local fabric shop and found this lovely stripey ribbon in exactly the right colours....what do you think?

I pinned it to my flags and used a lime coloured zigzag stitch to catch up the doubled over ribbon with the flag trapped between..... this.....

And there we have unused blind and a length of ribbon later.....some bunting.....


Very colourful....just right for my Little Honey.  She's outgrowing her Moses Basket, so will be in her big cot in her own room very soon, The Bunting will be perfect to stare at!

Hope you enjoyed that, would love to stay and chat but I can sense another project calling to me!

See you soon,
Nora x


  1. Love a bit of bunting - so cheerful and a foretaste of summer!

  2. The bunting is lovely! I've got making of bunting on my to do list, love how there are so many different ways of making it and you can make it all look so different.

  3. I love it ! I have the same idea for my honey's daughter room, I've just to do it !


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