Thursday, 9 February 2012

Have I done it....?

Not sure if I've achieved this Challenge or not..... you know, the one in this blog....

Well, it was to take something from my Pinterest Boards and make it and add it to my blog.

You'll have to decide if I've done it or not....but either way I have THE most deliciously, temptingly, scrumptiously gorgeous Apricot Glazed Banana Loaf EVER. 

Well, OK out of my kitchen.

...OK, really honest.......never made one before....ssshhhhhhh! So the ONLY one EVER...... haha!

I pinned this lovely banana loaf onto my food board....and when I viewed my boards earlier looking for something I could do TODAY (as I'm not around for a few days now) AND something that would use up some things AND make a useful edible gift to take with me on my travels, well....the loaf won!

I checked my cupboards and (disaster)....didn't have all the ingredients required for the Pinterest recipe.

So this is where I'm not quite sure if I've done the Challenge as required, because I looked in my Stash (storecupboard!) and found all the ingredients to make my version of the banana loaf based on this recipe that came with my Panasonic Breadmaker!

Hopefully that's big enough, that if you want to try my (Panasonic!) version, you can read it!

So here we are.... the left bowl has 'breadcrumbs' made from the flour and margarine, the middle bowl (on the scales) has banana and sugar (waiting to be mashed and an egg added) and the third bowl has some slices of banana for my decoration.

After mashing the banana and sugar and adding the egg, combine this with the 'breadcrumbs' to make this...

Baked for 55mins at 180 degrees C, (banana decoration added to the top about 15mins from the end of cooking), cooled and glazed with warm apricot jam.......



What do you think?

I'm sure my friends on the Blog Hop will tell me if it counts or not....*tension*

If it tastes as good as it looks and smells, the recipient will love it.

I hope you do....why not give it a try?

I've got to dash and throw a few things together...hope to see you soon..... N xx


  1. That cake looks lovely! Seriously I need to eat some cake NOW!! Who cares if its the one on Pinterest or not!! Doesn't matter. Have just emailed you re linky thing. x

  2. Mmmmm! I can smell it from here!

  3. Its Pinterest inspired so it surely counts! Looks yummy too....


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