Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stash and stuff...

As I explained in this post, I do love colour.  You've only got to look at my Pinterest boards (especially the quilt one) to see what sort of colours are my true loves.

Colours that clash a little are growing on me, although I've always loved orange and purple flowers together in the garden, may sound vile, but looks lovely and zingy!

Oh! And speaking of which look at 2 photographs I've taken in the last few days that just sung out to me.....


Gorgeous purple crocus nodding in the sunshine and some beautiful bright yellow daffodils bought for me by my husband.....

Sorry about the light quality on that photograph, really they are THE brightest daffs.

But anyway, back to the matter in hand.

After debating on projects for the Pinaddicts Challenge I told you about here AND having a discount code from a magazine to use at Fabric Rehab, I decided to treat myself to some stash....Just In Case.....!

This I got with my daughter in mind, she LOVES butterflies, then there's this.....

I like to think that I don't do Pink, but actually I do do it!  More than I care to admit!  I can't say what it was about this but I'm glad it has a lovely, clashy plain yellow to set the patterned fabrics off.

Then there's this.....

Can't really say why I was drawn to this either.  I do LOVE lime green. I do LOVE blue.  And I do LOVE red, especially were there are splashes of it.

In my kitchen I have a blue sugar canister and a red lightshade, and when I get round to making the Roman Blinds, there'll be more blue, red and....yes, OK, pink!

But this fabric could be destined for Sprocket Pillows which I shall make with the help of the fantastic tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew.

In between buying there has also been some making..... I need to photograph 2
Ta-Dah's to share with you.

There's also a new project being tinkered with!

It is to satisfy my Challenge to myself to adorn our front door with something seasonal EVERY month.  Do you remember the Winter Wreath here?  Well, I now have a beautiful woven wicker heart purchased from Lakeland.  Next up is Springtime!

I've coveted this little number for some time....

Isn't it B-E-A-Utiful?  As you might expect (if you've read other posts from me.....or maybe you read her blog....), this stunner is from the Uber-Talented Lucy at Attic24.  She provides a fabulous tutorial here, she talks you through each stage with amazingly detailed photographs to help you along (Thanks Lucy xx).

Finally I wanted to show you a fun, little make that I am finding VERY handy at the moment, useful AND with a 'cherry-on-the-top' *grin*...............

Does it count as a Ta-Dah as it's not a really recent make?

Oh well!  Ta-Dah..................

You could see it better if it wasn't stuffed with sooooooo many pins!  But you get the idea and what can I say - I'm using it!

Back very soon (maybe tomorrow) with at least 2 Ta-Dah's (but maybe more!!!!!).  How exciting!

Until then, see ya!

N xx

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