Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's Snowtime!

Just popping in to say 'Hello'.  I haven't got anything Makey to share with you as I have been away at the In-Laws....Bliss!

Whilst there we were lucky enough to get some snow, so I thought you might like to share some of our Joyful Family Time playing in the Soft Stuff (which wasn't too soft as it was VERY icy!)

Virgin snow all to ourselves!

My Littlest Lady (Tiddly Toes) pulling her sledge....aahhhh!

....but it all got a bit much so a Daddy Carry-You came to the rescue.....

Compacting the snow to make a good run!

Twelve-Teen Daughter starting her Run...Woohoo!

And (as I'm sure Lucy at Attic24 will agree judging by her recent Eggy blog) there's nothing like starting your day with a Dippy Egg, and I just had to show you what my Hubby and Tiddly Toes did with theirs when they had finished......

I'll have to leave it there for now...but I will be back very soon with teasing thoughts to do with the Pinterest Challenge and also some Confessions of the Stash Kind!  *wink*

Oh!  Happy Valentine's Day!

See you soon xx


  1. ...be there or be a non-crafter!! Look forward to it x


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