Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Something Completely Different

Well, after my recent Bake-a the saying goes....'Now for Something Completely Different'...(I know...showing my age!!)

No baking...but still kitchen focused....hmmmm!  Intrigued?

I only had a short time and a particular project had been hanging around....

You know how it is... you buy a happens to have a free gift...not something that is soooo bad you want to throw it away but.....

Well let's be honest, I do buy magazines (2 or at a push 3 a month, tops...really, 3 tops), quite often they have free many do you actually get on and do from the fronts of magazines?

Well I'm BAD!  Very rarely do I do anything with them.  Some I can add to my stash of buttons, ribbons, beads or whatever, but whole projects...mmmm!

So breaking with tradition I pulled out a magazine from around Christmas 2010 (I think! Could be 2011, but I feel I've had this longer than that!), look.......this one.....

The free gift was a very colourful Tea Cosy that looked like a scrap-pieced Union Jack, see what I mean...?

I'm still not very confident with sewing anything that isn't easy and straight!  Roman blinds are easy but a little Tea Cosy *builder-style teeth-sucking*...well!

I must have read the instructions SEVERAL times, look they're only much could you forget in a few minutes?

Well anyway, I went for it.

And I have discovered that Tea Cosies are suprisingly easy to make!

I even got to practice on my new Brother Innov-is 350 SE, zig-zag and straight stitch around shapes, very small shapes at that!  It's not perfect....but I haven't quite got the hang of a stop/start button instead of a foot pedal.

Not bad for a first attempt though.

So finally, the whole thing......ready.....


Sorry, should've given it a little iron after turning...but I was too excited and just had to share...NOW!

And there it is, small and perfectly formed - absolutely ideal to brighten up our little caravan!  The zing on that is enough to rouse anyone from their sleeping bag!

At long last a Sewing Ta-Dah....and not a spatula in sight!

Bye for now, hope to see you again soon.

Nora xx


  1. Congratulations! You are so right about magazines-I have stacks of them with projects and I keep thinking that I should make some of them, well, maybe just one of them ;-) I like the bright colors and the decorative stitching.
    Hello from Idaho,

  2. That's cute! Union Flags are all the rage at the moment and you can be patriotic drinking tea during the Olympics at home unless you were one of the few who got tickets!?


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