Monday, 19 May 2014

Hello again! It's been a while..... (part 1!)

I've been very busy a little unwell, family issues.....the list goes on!!

I am here reading blogs occasionally and definitely crafting away quietly.

I have missed you!

As so much has been going on, I thought I'd try a little photo update of the last few months; of life and making starting with February and once I've got that out of the way for 3 or 4 months, get back to sharing details and patterns and recipes.......gosh I have missed this!

So onwards.......

February looked like this.....

It started off with a house guest, The Hubs Dad collapsed at the end of January and Mum & Dad came to staty, Dad went back for some recovery time alone whilst Mum stayed with us.

We went to my Mums for Sunday Lunch and whilst the 2 Mums had a good old chinwag, The Hubs and I took TiddlyToes on a trek around the village where I grew up....look at the scenery......

This is Ranmore in Surrey.

And this is Tiddly Toes going down 'The Alley' to get back home.  I had forgotten how steep this was and am amazed when I think back that in her 70s, my Nanny used to romp up this to catch the bus into the local town!

More Ranmore over the rooftops.

That steep climb again!

My eldest daughter turned 15!

And my middle son (on the left) turned 20!  My youngest son (on the right!) will be 18 in a few weeks!  Where does the time go.......?

I pieced this lovely quilt top, when finished it will be a Christening gift for The Hubs newest cousin.

Working out the placement of blocks on Tiddly Toes Trellis Quilt.

So as you can see I wasn't idle!

We took Mum back home just before half term and stayed for a long weekend and had daughters party straight after.  The month passed in a blur!

Lovely to be back...let's hope life does not interrupt continued 'normal' service now that it is resuming.

Next time I'll show you the highlights of March!


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