Thursday, 22 May 2014

Polling Day means a day off school

Here in the UK there are local elections going on and in time honoured tradition local schools are turned into Polling Stations for the day.  This inevitably means that many Infant and Junior (Primary) schools are closed for the day.

Added to that is the absence of Tiddly Toes from school yesterday due to earache and we have one VERY challenging little person, feeling a little better and wanting to DO!

SO.....a week or so ago, I bought her this book.......

It is meant for 7+ years and she is only just 5...but....she has watched me sew forever, and I think she understands the concept we're just going to go for it!

Granny and Grumps bought her a new scooter for Christmas, so she has decided to make herself this scooter bag for it.

We've cut everything out...she helped cut the pattern and as she was a little wobbly in places (round bits), we've decided that Mummy would cut the pieces of felt.

Mummy needed a drink before the off, so Mummy made a nice Senseo coffee and Tiddly Toes had a bounce on the Bounce-line, no, not trampoline...Bouceline...I think that's a much better name for it!

Here she is letting off some energy in order to be able to sit still at the sewing machine for a long-ish stint!

And here she is again...she just wanted to show off her bracelets and new specs!  Bless.....

Well, here we go....and we'll take photos of our journey to show you all later.

Thanks for stopping by, 
Nora (& Tiddly Toes!)

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