Friday, 30 May 2014

Crochet and Sew Dress

I realised a few days ago that I hadn't told you about this sweet project........... and it is also a TA-DAH!


My creation came from something I saw in a magazine, it wasn't quite right as I needed adjustable straps (if I'm going to invest time in making something, I need it to last!!!)  So I came up with this.......

Here's a closer look..........

Do you like the sweet little buttons?

This other dress also had the same sized back and front, apart from saving on some rows on crochet, I just thought it would look nicer with a slightly lower back, like this.......

I got the pattern for the skirt bit from this pattern.................

I had previously used it to make this yo-yo embellished dress and thought it was an ideal skirt.  I simply machine stitched it onto the crochet top leaving a little edge of crochet overhanging like this...........

Tiddly Toes (who is no longer so Tiddly and I may have to start calling her Little Lady!) is thrilled with it, we can't wait for some sun.

So there you are, all up to date on that one, I shall be back soon with a May update, a charity project and a skirt that I first told you about here!

Until then have yourself some happy hooky, sewing, baking fun!



  1. Love your colorful, newsy page! Thanks for that and the patterns!

    1. Thanks! Hope to see you again...have a great weekend x


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