Friday, 23 May 2014

Hello Again..............(Part 3)

Here we are again....this time it is the turn of've guessed it, busy, busy, busy!

We still had our house guest (Mum-in-Law), in fact she stayed until after Easter.  We also had Easter holidays and 2 very special birthdays!

We kick-started Easter with a Bonnet Parade at school.....they were all so sweet!  Here is our simple little creation made in a panic the night before from 2 sheets of 12"x12" scrapbooking paper and an Hawaiian garland!

And here is a little lady sporting it at the school parade..........

It might have been very simple compared to some of the other wonderful creations, but....she loved it!

Later on in the holidays it was Tiddly Toes and Mum-in-Laws birthday, yes the same day!  Tiddly Toes was really happy that Grumps came for the weekend and got the surprise of her life when we unveiled her present....a 'Bounce-line'!

We threw a little family party for them both, one of the attendees was my utterly gorgeous God-Daughter, Tiny Angel.  Here they are together Bounce-line-ing!!!!

How sweet is that?

Tiddly Toes had also specified a Mimmie Mouse (that's Minnie Mouse to the rest of us!) cake...oh my life! How do I do that, I thought?!  Well, this is what I came up with.............

...and thankfully it went down a storm!  I also made it following my no fat recipe but proportioned the mix for 6 eggs. I simply printed spotty paper from the computer and used the giant cupcake mould base as a template and stuck black paper ears on cocktail sticks....ribbon courtesy of my stash!

I also had to show you this........

It's a VERY tight neck-squeeze from Tiny Angel.... what can I say?  It's!!!!!!

Not forgetting the other special lady of the day, Mum-in-Law...........

Snapped here in her very trendy jeans opening a pressie.

Once the party was over and a few days later, the house guests left, my mind turned to all the crafting, blogging and housework that had been overlooked (yes, in that order!)

My get up and go had got up and gone, so DO-ing wasn't top of my list so I went for a bit of appreciating instead.  I cast my eye over some of my projects, just to re-visit the pleasure I had in making them.

First up were my button hoops..........

This one is a little more 'free' than I usually work, even the fabric is running at diagonals!  Unlike this one......

.....which is my 'straight and all lined up' OCD version!

I do love hoops and have a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

The other make that I love at the moment and the one which is currently 'on show' on our celebration tree is this one..........

....Little Birdies. I found them on the FABuloUS blog S.O.T.A.K. Handmade written by Svetlana, you can find her post here, the original idea came from Kajsa of Syko and was featured on Sew Mama Sew the tutorial is here.

I have a heap more to finish and even some Christmas Birdies for later in the year.

I also fancied a bit of retail therapy...and who couldn't resist this!...............

Aren't they DELicIouS! cream.....purely display purposes and NOT for use.....!?   

It's Rico Essentials cotton available from Wool Warehouse at £2.49 per ball (40p per ball cheaper than Deramores!)  I did try using it and I must warn you it splits which is VERY annoying! BUT it looks and feels fantastic and I bought it because I have in my mind to try this.......

A slightly different take on my hoops.  I wanted to include crochet flowers too....and maybe not flat fabric but yo-yo's (Suffolk puffs).  My Crafty friend found it on Pinterest.  Sadly there is no link to a blog or tutorial, but I think the photo is good enough to work out something similar if you are interested.

With crochet and yo-yo flowers in mind and thinking flower centres...I treated myself to these little beauties.........

 .....from a craft cabin at out local garden centre called The Shopfest Craft Den.  If you are local to Surrey or West Sussex, it is certainly worth a look, they also do events at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking.

After things had calmed down not only was there time for craft appreciation and retail therapy the was time for The Hubs and I to spend some time together taking a wander up to our local bluebell woods.  With Tiddly Toes and dark evenings, we've not bee up to much, but now that it is light after she has gone to bed and Teenage Daughter is happy to keep an ear out for half an hour or so, we can wander here........

Isn't it gorgeous?

Somehow photos don't do it justice.

We also came upon this.............

I think small people had been at work...what fun!  Sadly they had damaged alot of the bluebells, least the wood is being used and the kids aren't indoors playing on the various technology available!

Well, that's my little round up of April, hope you enjoyed it, I shall return soon with May and some recent makes, not sure which order yet, but see you soon.


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