Thursday, 22 May 2014

Scooter Monster Bag....done!

So, here we are about 2 hours after the last post with a Ta-dah moment!


OK, here goes.............  ta-DAhhhhhhh......................!

She is just SOOOOOOO proud of herself, and rightly so!

The instructions in the book are really good, although we did opt out of the basting, only because I think she would have lost interest, it's something she can learn as she becomes more proficient and independent.

She started by pinning the stripes on to the bag front.....

Then she stitched them on with the machine switched to it's slowest.....

How impressive is that!

This wasn't posed, she was genuinely running the machine herself and controlling the fabric!  One amazed Mummy!

As you can see she hand stitched the eyes and buttons on to the flap front and everything else was machined.

I can honestly say that the only help I gave was a bit of pining through the thick layers.....

....... guidance and a running commentary for the most part and then when it came to stitching layers was a bit more hands on with the fabric but she decided when to stop, start and reverse the stitching.

I have to say I was really impressed....and amazed at how quickly she worked out at what point she needed to press the button for the machine to stop where she wanted!

So here she is once again.... proud or what?!

She is now taking a hard earned rest in front of the TV to watch Shrek 2, Mummy is off to sip Earl Grey and sew a bit more of her Clothkits skirt...woohoo!

I'll see you again soon either with Part 3 of my updates or a finished skirt!


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