Monday, 19 May 2014

Another 'Melman' Update

Hello are you today?

I'm here to share a bit of a disaster. In case you haven't noticed, I hadn't mentioned the 'Melman' quilt for some time (until catch up part 1)....and there's a good reason for that!

Going back a few months, I started to piece together the coloured squares in pairs with the white fabric between...

Having completed that part I decided to cut the longer white piece to join 2 pairs to 2 other pairs (to make a set of 4 squares with a white cross in the middle).

So off I went, cutting away, then I stopped with a bit of a niggle that things weren't quite right.

I had done the whole 'measure twice, cut once' thing, but I think something got lost in brain-translation because.......disaster.... the lengths were too short!

I couldn't believe it, I'm still not sure what I did, I just know I measured the correct length and cut the correct length, but it wasn't the correct length! Grrrrrr!

So having got the major hump with myself I stopped working on the 'Melman' quilt. That is until my brain had worked through some different scenarios and time and again had come back with the same answer..... "Move on and buy some more white fabric" So guess what? I am still cross with myself, but I have moved on and splashed out on some more white fabric!

Only...when it arrived I had ordered the wrong colour!!!!!

I investigated the colour, courtesy of the wonderful CottonPatch and put in ANOTHER order!

When it arrived I cut the lengths CORRECTLY and popped it all next to the sewing machine (which still doesn't have a name!) so that when inspiration (and a few spare minutes) struck me, I could simply pick up the fabric and go.

There we are, confession over, 'Melman' quilt almost back on track.

Want to see a placement photo? (Not a very good one as 1) the light was awful and 2) it was meant for my use only so that I remembered where to sew everything!)

Now you're all caught up with that, which I am pleased about, we can both go and get on with something else!  Haha!

Happy sewing, knitting or hooking.... and I hope we'll catch up again soon,


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