Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cheesy boat

Just had to share this little gem with you.

We had jacket potatoes the other night and Tiddly Toes decided to use her imagination on her dinner.....she mashed the fluffy bit with butter and popped it back into the jacket, topped it with cheese and gave it a spinach leaf sail......sweet!

I am off the radar at the moment as I am still unwell, I have been reading your posts though and they have been bringing warmth, joy and smiles to a very worn out me...thank you!

'Normal' service will resume shortly (well as normal as I that's not very then!)

Lots of love


  1. hope you are feeling better

  2. Hi Nora - I've chosen you as the winner of my giveaway before realising you are a no reply blogger!! Please email me ASAP with your email address so I can send you your prize - and you might want to change your settings so people can contact you, most of the time people will chose another winner. Thanks!


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