Saturday, 4 May 2013

That make I've been promising you...

I know, I know.....naughty blogger.

Haven't seen you in a are you?

It is continually busy here, good for business, bad for blogging!

A-g-e-s ago when I payed a visit to a local Tearoom called Pretty Things, I sat and dE-voured my toasted teacake and Earl Grey and finished hooking a little luxury in Cath Kidston colours.....

so here is the Ta-Dah...

Ta DaaaaaH!.... want to see a bit less detail and a bit more of IT!?
OK, the full McCoy...........

It's a little more loose than the one I created in my Yarn-y Venture, my own fault because I did 18 chain not 16...but it is still lovely and I don't mind it loose in the least bit!
Do you like? 
The green washes out against the red......but funnily enough the blue doesn't!  Maybe next time a little less red and edge with something else....I'll have to experiment!
The Hubs has just informed me that dinner is nearly ready, so I must be off.  I'll see you again shortly with a new magazine discovery which might interest those of you who think they are all getting a bit same-y.
Until then....toodle-ooo!
Nora xx

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