Sunday, 14 April 2013

Busy, BUsy, BUSY! has been a madhouse here!

SO much going on...I can't tell you it all, mostly it's quite mundane and sadly it is restricting blogging!!!  Grr!

I am sort of back in that I have a new and hopefully improved look to my

But I just thought I'd pop by and say 'Hello!' and 'I haven't forgotten you.....I am still following you' (ooh!  sounds creepy...sorry!) and I thought I'd quickly take the opportunity to share some fun and a quick explanation for one of the reasons for my absence from BlogLand, so here goes.... 

......cop an eyeball of my 2 cuties!

....this is Tiddly Toes dressed as Mike the Knight!....


The writing on the wall behind her is where we keep a tally of the children's heights as they grow....rather wonderfully they also add select friends to the wall is so special.  We'll never be able to move (unless we take the wall with us!)

Here she is again prepping veg with Daddy dressed as Princess Evie (Mike the Knights sister)...cute huh?

Then there was Teenage Daughters 14th Birthday....she had a photo-shoot at home with some friends and adhesive moustaches!  This is the ONLY (and very unflattering one of the 2 of us!)  I was accosted by Teenage Girls and props...there was no escape - great fun!

...and here is one of Teenage Daughter and one of her friends.......

CRAZY girls......but fun and lovely!
I've also had Mum-in-Law down for a few weeks as Dad was too ill to look after her, she's wonderful company and great fun, amazing really when she is so ill.  But I do want to spend time with her and so, I'm afraid, you get neglected....but it's all with good reason....sorry!

Well, I must get back to the madness that is my life...but I will return soon with a photo of the creation finished in Pretty Things and another bit of Hooky-ness (a Ta-Dah no less!), until then........

Take care

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