Tuesday, 9 April 2013


You may have heard me mention before about FlyLady, it is an Internet site that encourages us less organised stay-at-home Mums to get into a routine for our cleaning.

Although I've only been at it about 18 months, I don't know what I did before!

Believe me....it was BAD!

Not unhealthy bad because I did it....but the way I did it was all disjointed so I was far more tired than I needed to be.

I also sought perfection, but by being perfect in some areas, other areas just didn't get done at all....so it felt like painting the Humber Bridge and NEVER having a tidy home.

Now I don't do perfection (much) and spend a timed amount of minutes to do it as good as I can every day, so everyday my home looks acceptable.....how does you loo look if a visitor popped in now?  Could they sit on the sofa?

You get me!

Anyhow.....I think the regime has been rubbing off a bit!

Take a look at this...............

First you brush down the loo..........
Then.........you wipe the seat, rim, lid etc............
Haha!  Cute isn't she? Only 3, and she's got it!
I shall remind her of this when she hits her teenage years and follows the Slob Regime with mouldy food in her room and her clothes in standard 'Floordrobe' mode!
See you soon,

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