Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring.......maybe..... is teasing me....but I'm not quite sure just yet.

There was this....

....yes, two little shoots on the clematis by our front door.
Then this.....
....LOTS of shoots on the climbing rose in the front garden.
And this...............

....yes, that's 2 daffodil buds from the clump that Tiddly Toes planted here last year. 
Bearing in mind that that post last year was on the 24 March and here we are 1 year and 2 weeks later, the difference in the weather here in the UK is REALLY noticeable!  Although if you look carefully at the rose shoot, you can see the sun shining through it....and yes, that is sun an the brick wall behind the daffodils!
Well that was yesterday, and in true UK form we are back to grey today!
It hasn't stopped the creativity tho' all that's left for me to say is it is nice to be back.
I shall return shortly with some making and an explanation for my absence.
See you soon.....Nora

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