Friday, 17 May 2013

Remember this............

I didn't have one of these, but boy do I wish I had..............did you have one?

What a treat.....we were given ours by a fabulous neighbour who was downsizing house and had a clear out of the loft....this was one of the many gems, how fortunate are we?

Tiddly Toes asked to play with it the other day and we had a fabulous time!

It gets so far and she runs to hide behind the sofa!

Not sure if it's the game she's hiding from or me shrieking when it pops up when the timer runs out!

Oh!  Haven't shown you what I'm talking about have I?

Look........mid pop!.........

Look at the fabulous box..................

this is her before she runs behind the sofa!......

What fun!
Do you have any old classics hanging around.....go on, go and find them and enjoy some fun and a trip down memory lane this weekend!
Hope yours is a sunny one,


  1. oh I LOVED this as a kid!! We're off to my MILs this weekend and she's clearing out getting ready to down size from a 5 bed house to 2 bed flat! Apparently, it's our job to clear out the games cupboard and I cant wait to see what treasures there are in there!! :-)

    1. How exciting! That'll be a trip down memory Lane...wonder what awaits you! x


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