Monday, 6 May 2013

A promising find

As you may remember I've given up on Mags a little. 

They're all a bit same-y, nothing striking or fact, some of the cheeky blighters even put the same projects in 2 or 3 mags!  Come on guys....get with something fresh!

Do they not realise that we can look stuff up on-line....trawl Pinterest for inspiration and share makes and tutorials with our friends on BlogLand?!

BUT...there is nothing like good quality paper in your hands, the smell of ink, a little library of loveliness to lay your hands on whilst sipping a nice cup of tea..... I do like a nice mag!

Well....I found one!

We'll have to see how it pans out, will it still be interesting in 6 months, a year?

It is the brand new Reloved magazine...............look..........

There are LOADS of projects in this this crate revamp from Tales from Betty Bee Towers.........

A lovely hottie cover made from an old sweatshirt (Tiddly Toes will love this as she has a bit of a thing for Scottie Dogs!) is from the book 'Make it & mend it'

and the most amazing shoe makeover...never seen anything like this before!  This is from the book Girls Night in.......

All in all, I'm enjoying this, there's sewing, knitting, furniture painting...oh lots!
And I have to say I quite like it.
If you get it, let me know what you think.
See you soon,

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