Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bluebell Woods....and some!

It isn't often that The Hubs & I get the chance for a walk together, however, with Tiddly Toes staying the night at my Mums after Knit and Natter, we thought we'd grab the opportunity to enjoy the evening sun....and go Bluebell Hunting!
This is the view from the field which is more or less behind the trees behind our house.
Can you believe that behind that line of trees on the hill in the farthest distance of the photo is Gatwick Airport?!  I kid you not!  I was amazed to get a photo without a plane in it!
That was to our left of the path through the middle of the field and this is to the right......

You can just see Hubs shadow wandering off to my left.....if you could have seen his had the look of.....she's taking MORE photos AGAIN!  He doesn't get the whole blogging thing.
Anyway, about 3 feet behind the tree line of those woods is a path, and that's where I'm taking you.....come on!
Getting closer, can you see almost dead centre of the woods a ladder, it has a seat on top for wildlife spotting.....Tiddly Toes reliably informs me that there is one in her Topsy & Tim book when they went camping.

So here we are just entering the wood...and can you see in the distance...the promise of beautiful purple-blue bowing heads......

And here we are.................

Let's go further gets better...follow The Hubs.......

The smell was gorgeous, Bluebells and damp wood-i-ness.....

It was at this point that I realised that being short, we got lots of green and less blue!  So I stretched really tall (much to The Hubs disgust...more photos!) and managed to get a bit more purple-blue for you....gorgeous isn't it?

England and Bluebells in May....what more can I say?
And not to be outdone, the other trees around are bursting into flower all over the place!
This is our neighbours Lilac.........................the scent is absolutely heavenly.....aaaahhh!

And this is one of their Apple Trees, apparently it has been a good year for blossom, which hopefully (despite the lack of bees) will mean a good apple harvest and LOTS of Bramley Apples to make crumbles and pies galore...happy me!

Isn't that gorgeous!  The promise of things to come!
Blue skies.
Blooming good!
Hope you liked your little stroll along with me and The Hubs, we've enjoyed having you join us.
See you soon!


  1. What a lovely view!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. It's so neat to see flowers from around the world.

  2. I've heard we'll get a bumper crop of apples this year because of the late spring forcing all the blossom to come out late and all at once. So this rubbish weather isn't all bad news.


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