Thursday, 30 May 2013

Card making update

Do you remember this?

My challenge to myself to make a card a day for the whole year and donate most of them to my local Cancer Research shop.

Well on 2nd March I was up to 11th March.......since then I've been a little tardy in the card making department! (Amongst many other things!)

However, after a little session last night whilst watching Lewis on TV, I made another 19, so I am now up to 30 March!

Want to see some of goes............ta-daaah.....!

I have to say that all this creativity isn't making a dent in my stash...oooopps!  But I'm trying.
Cancer Research will take donations of cards and other beautiful handmade items like blankets and quilts, so why not look them up or other worthwhile charities like Refuge, The Linus Project or your local hospital or care home for the elderly.
I'm going to try and make a few more tonight, and maybe sort a bit of stash to go to an elderly friend at Knit & Natter.
I will get round to showing you those Granny Squares one day soon.

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