Monday, 10 June 2013

Can't seem to find a post where I told you about this......

Let me start with this....................

the view our visitors get through our front window.
It is of this..........................
Here we go.....TA-DAAAAHHH!!!........
a Stripe-y Blanket made from all sorts of odd scraps of double knit yarn, mainly Stylecraft, but some that are donkeys years old and others a little more recent.
The very vibrant colours (neon green, neon orange, red, yellow, pink, turquoise and purple) are from my stripey bag inspired by Lucy at Attic24 and made from Stylecraft Special Double Knit, if you click the link to Wool Warehouse, you can buy any of the 55 colours at only £1.69 per ball!
There's a magenta and pale mauve which were from a beret I knitted, some colours from Mother-in-Law when she stayed and was knitting squares for charity, some baby yarn from eldest son, Teenage Daughter and Tiddly Toes some from my Aunt who knits baby blankets and squares for blankets, mostly for nieces and nephews....and some stuff that is so old (from when I first learnt to crochet at the age of 8-10 years!!), I have no idea how I acquired it, but most likely my Mum and my Aunt!

There was no method to my madness how I chose the colours, it was a random 'pick-a-ball-out-of-the-bag' method and if I pulled a colour that had been in about the last 6 rows I pulled another!
Remember this blanket edging, a job I acquired from Mother-in-Law?  Well I used the same pattern on this blanket.
I asked Tiddly Toes to pick three colours, she chose apricot, salmon and pink.  I did a round of double crochet (DC, UK terms...think that's SC is US terms) in the first 2 colours and then the shell edging in the pink like this...........

It was a it hard gauging the correct place and how many DCs down the sides, I didn't want too many so that is was baggy and not too few which would have pulled it together more, I think I got it just about right.

Love Tiddly Toes choice of colours, they go so nicely together.

So there you go, you're all up to date with that.
Oh!  I forgot to say that this also was inspired by a post on Attic24 and the pattern came from the hook of Bella Dia, follow the link to the tutorial.  There is also a Flickr group for any blankets I guess that's my next job!
Hope it's inspired you...if not a blanket then why not a cushion cover....or a scarf!?
Until the next time....cheerio!

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  1. Wow! That is eye-catching! I love the randomness of it.The shell-shaped edging is so pretty, too.


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