Monday, 17 June 2013

The Jitters

My gorgeous little Tiddly Toes was 4 in April.

She is still so little and chubby.

She only gave up the before bed breast feed in January.

She realised the other day that it had been a while and asked "Why don't I have bub anymore....I miss it". Oh how my heart strings tugged, longing for those days back again.

She is off to school in September, my baby!

She is VERY EXCITED!!!!  Mummy less so.

I'm having those twinges of how I shall miss her and hate the silence, how there will be no more snuggling in bed in the morning when everyone else has left, no long days cooking or playing magnetic fishing, no spontaneous trips to the farm.

And then that is balanced by those days when she has a right royal strop on and I think...Dear God, I can't wait 'til she starts school.

But on the whole it is the strop-less days of fun and smiles and snuggling that will be gone forever.

Not that we can't do them, but that she will grow up quickly and won't want to do them in quite the same way ever again.

So there's a few more weeks of squidgy playdough, delicious baking, cutting and sticking, snuggly film watching, giddy spinning, puffed out running, tractor riding, sand digging and boundless bouncing left, and we're going to have some fun and make the most of it!

Happy days.

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