Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tiny Tote

As you may remember, back here, I got a subscription to Sewing World Magazine for Christmas.....I am really enjoying it. 
You may also remember from here, that I'm not one for making free gifts and that also extends to the projects in magazines, although they do inspire me in other ways.
However, when this arrived a few weeks ago........... 
....I spotted this little number.......................
and thought how lovely it would be for my Tiddly Toes to have a little bag like this for days out when she collects things like shells or takes a snack and her 'doff'.
So I had a dig in my stash and found some bits and bobs to make this...........

Do you like it?  Tiddly Toes LOves it!
It has already been on a shopping trip and been used to carry many a 'thing' about the house.
I now have an order for a little pink one for Tiny Angel, I'm also planning to use it, together with other designs I have seen, as inspiration for a bag for me.  I hope I shall make more of these as it was fun, easy and quite quick.
I shall be back soon with a spot of vintage nostalgia.
Until then, take care,


  1. Your little tote bag is gorgeous.......found a link to your blog from 'Daisy Row' via 'Colours of a Butterfly'.

    1. so glad you popped by...thanks for visiting xx

  2. Do you like it? Oh yes very much, anything with bunting, and I'm gonna, I find with magazines, that every now and again we see something we just 'have' make.

    1. ...but we see so much and there are NEVER enough crafting hours in the day! Lovely of you to pop by Shirley..... guess you know I'm following you xx

  3. What a neat little bag and I love the fabrics that you chose!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks Judy, you too....hope you get some fishing in.... xx

  4. Beautiful little bag my little lady would LOVE this - she likes to take her "duff" everywhere :)


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