Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mini Quilt Making

Many, many years ago (yes we're back in the era of the 90's....that's 1990's not 1890's!!) I was given some fabric squares that had been cut by the donor who had then lost interest and decided that maybe quilting wasn't for her.

Along with the forgotten quilts I mentioned in this post, they lay undisturbed for nigh on 15 years!

When I was reunited with this find, I decided that I knew just what to do and who they were for!

Back here, I was unable to share any further information as these were "1) destined for gifts" and "3)  I was in such a frenzy of creativity that I didn't take many any photos!"

[2) Makes for a Wedding which must NOT be revealed (just yet!), was unveiled in the post called Wedding Belles]

Luckily, I remembered to take some photographs when I made the second one, so between the two, I can probably hash together a photo stream of Making!

So first up we have this.......

This being the donated squares sewn together as instructed 15 years ago and safety pinned on to wadding and muslin ready for me to attempt a VERY simple quilting effort.

Like this......

I chose these fat quarters to back the reverse.....

I decided on the easy route that I used to finish my flannel quilt, called bagging (that is right isn't it Nicky?)

Here, I've turned the right hand side in and then over and sewn it. I do that to 2 sides and then once sewn, reapeat the process to the two remaining sides.

The corners then look like this........

Trim off your ends, take out the pins, give it a final iron if necessary AND....

Are you ready.....

Gosh!  We haven't had one of these for a while have we?


...well, I did iron it...and then Little Lady had other ideas...it's then going to get rolled back up to be given to the recipient....well, you get the idea!

My Mum got the red one and this green one is for my Aunt.  They both love cats and this mini quilt is ideal for putting under a vase of flowers to protect the table from water or Lily pollen damage.

I've been on a roll for finding and finishing things lately, I think I should post a UFO (UnFinished Object) or WIP (Work In Progress) list for you to read so that you can nag remind me to get on with them!

Have you finished off any projects lately?....Pop them in the comments (with a link if you blog so that I can visit you and have a look), co-operative nagging encouragement and support is always good!

Well, until the next craft filled slot, Happy Making!

Nora xx


  1. Ooh those cats eyes watching!

    Karen - not sure if we call that method anything in particular. Bagging would be if you sewed right sides together, leaving an opening and turning it right side out!

  2. Lovely! It's really satisfying to finish off older projects. I really like the cat fabric, it reminds me of a jigsaw that I have!


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