Friday, 11 May 2012

I REALLY dislike sewing up!!!

I have concluded that opinion is divided!

Some people enjoy the whole process.

Some people slog through the last bits of the knitting process....wondering when it will ever end and they can get on, sew up the garment and wear it!

Some people dread the end of the knitting because it signals the start of the torturous process of sewing up!

Me?......I'm in the last category.

I've been clearing out and tidying up (not so's you'd notice)...why does it always look worse before it gets better?

In my sorting I shamefully found some things I had knitted and not finished!  Silly can't wear it 'til it's sewn up!

I piled the 4 items on the dresser in our bedroom so that they glared at me daily!

One was a simple button....DONE! Item now in the wash as Little Lady got a dirty mark on it before I could photograph it!

Next up was a cardigan for Little Lady.  It needed the sleeves sewn in and then the sleeves and sides sewn up.....and a button attached.  DONE!

Want to have a look?



Next is a jumper for me.  I originally started knitting this in 2008, I did a huge amount of it on holiday in Spain!  But when we returned I discovered I was pregnant with Little Lady, so put it to one side and made some Baby Bits. 

I did return to it to finish a sleeve maybe last year (or could be the year before!), but no sewing up!

I have now sewn one sleeve on and safety pinned the large seam down the arm and side......

I've also safety pinned in the other sleeve....progress indeed!!!

Finally a make from a make!

Originally the wool (which I think is called Spirit, not sure which company....but could be Rowan)...was bought for a jumper with a lacy panel in it.  Well, I got so far with it and realised that we just weren't going to get on!

I dumped it and forgot about it until a copy of Lets Knit arrived with the pattern for a REALLY easy waistcoat.  Ideal!!

I ripped back my original attempt and cracked on with the waistcoat!  In no time at all the pieces were knitted!

Again it sat around for ages.....hhmmm!

I did get a spurt on and sewed (is that right - it doesn't sound good English!?) up the shoulders and sides.....see.......

.....but then I lost the will to live and shoved it away again!

LOOK!!!   I've only got to put the peplum onto the bodice and we're away!


You can see the pattern ('scuse the pun!) can't you?  Happy to knit...yep!  Sewing up....nah!

Well, I though that if I shared this lazy secret with you, it might guilt me into finishing my two jumpers for two more Ta-Dah's...I know you are all REALLY good at encouragement (and boy do I need it for these!!)

I'm off to get some lunch, Dr's appointment this afternoon....that'll wear me out!  So maybe some time to sew in bed this evening!

I also have some card and vegetable shares for you.... odd combination I know...but all will become clear!

See you soon, take care

Nora xx

P.S.......I am ashamed to say that despite my best efforts (her-hum!) the grey and firey projects remain in bits!!!  I am posting this here in an attempt (again) to shame myself into GETTING ON WITH THEM!  xx


  1. I don't mind the stitch up - I just HATE sewing in the ends! I love a good granny square crochet, but the thought of having all of those ends to tidy up makes me absolutely cringe!!

  2. Bronwyn! As I start my new colour on the Granny Square I lay my ends across the work and crochet them in! It works well....take a look at some of the tutorials on Attic24, Lucy uses this trick on blankets, rounds....almost anything! It's worth a try!

    Thanks for popping in! xx


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