Saturday, 12 May 2012

I used a freebie.....I actually used a freebie!!

It never happens....well I can't say that now, can I?

Usually, when I get free gifts on magazines I don't use them.

Not in their entirety anyway.  I usually add to my stash of buttons and ribbons and pop any stamps with my card-making stuff.

My first exception to an entire Freebie was this Tea Cosy back in February, remember?

Well, now another Freebie has been utilised!  I sound surprised because I wasn't expecting to do anything either with it OR at all this morning.  But I decided an extra hour in bed would do me good.....but I was bored!

I glanced over to a pile of magazines I had sorted through and the top one was this......

.... and sitting next to it the free gift!  This.....

Remember these from the 70's?  My Mum had one and I have vague recollections of her making a scarf!

By the side of my bed is a rather large bag (although shrinking now as my blanket grows....yippee!) full of oddments of Double Knit acrylic collected over the years of knitting and crochet by myself, Teenage Daughter, my Mum and Auntie and M-I-L (Mother-In-Law).....I delved in......

I pulled out three colours and set to work all the time wondering what I should do with my flower.....

This is what I made.....

My Teenage Daughter came in and watched and I discussed the use of the blooms as embellishments for headbands.

Immediately she was into my basket mumbling about some headbands I'd bought ages ago....she found one and gathered her three favourite colours of Double Knit!  She's not very subtle!

Again I beavered and much to her delight came up with this.....

Not wishing to leave out Little Lady, I found 2 of her favourite colours (remember the ORANGE Boutique Bag here that I made for the March 2012 Pinaddicts Challenge?).

OK, I haven't got an individual picture of that one, so I'm going to give you the whole bunch in one go.....

Hope you like these.......ready......


They took about 20 minutes each, use very little yarn (so are perfect for your scrap stash!) and we think would make great little gifts for little girls..... or maybe fundraisers for charities or schools...?

Come on Crafty Friends....give 'em a go!

Not satisfied with just that sort of making today, I've been baking too !

The beeper just went on the Bread Machine, so I've grabbed a quick photo of our loaf and a HUGE pile of Oaty Biscuits, like the ones in this post.

It smells D-I-V-I-N-E ............  and look.......

I hope you have a creative weekend.....and lets hope there will be less rain and a bit more glorious sunshine to enjoy.

Nora xx

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  1. Love those flowers, I think my Mum had something similar too when I was little! The biscuits and bread look yummy too :)


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