Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge May 2012

Oh my!!

It is here AGAIN!!

Is it me or does this come round really quickly each month?

Unfortunately I have spent since last Thursday night in bed, suspected Glandular Fever!  So although I did realise it was THAT weekend, I was less than enthusiastic or energetic about getting out of bed to gather my bits, finish my entry and photograph it!

BUT...... the last 2 days I have at least got dressed after lunch AND today although still unwell (and in bed with DD13 who feels the same) I feel more inclined to give you the run through on this months Pinaddicts Challenge entry.

I scoured my Pinterest boards for something to use bits, something I wouldn't normally attempt to make (just admire enviously) and something therefore that would challenge my Make-ability (or more like my ability to make it!)

I came to a rather odd conclusion (because my subject is supposed to be a Christmas Decoration......) but at the moment these little fellas seem to be very 'In' I thought....what the heck, he's gorgeous, I'll go for it!

Want to see what I'm aiming for?

Well, here it is..............

The tutorial and pattern is on the Juicy Bits blog wriiten by Jessica....extremely talented and Maker of such PeRfEcT items....go take a look for yourself...

I gathered my bits together, first revealed to you here with a number of other UFO's (UnFinished Objects!) and WIP's (Work In Progress!), remember.....

I wanted to achieve something from nothing....NO MORE SHOPPING!!!

The oddments of felt came from other projects (mostly executed by Teenage Daughter and strangely not as bright as I had hoped), a small string of sequins (I don't know where they came from, but I think with a bag of trims and lace from my Auntie!)

Buttons which have either been donated (yes, I am the receiver of all sorts of odds and ends from family and friends) or cut from old clothes, or the spares with new clothes.

Most of the ribbon of the size required to hang my owl from is that that I have is cut from the shoulders of new clothes...... you know the annoying little bit that they use to hold the clothes on the hangers.  Or sometimes (like Laura Ashley) they use ribbon to put price tags on the clothes.

Re-cycler or hoarder.....mmmmmm!  Difficult call!

Anyhow....... printed the pattern (and was shocked at the small size!)

Cut out the pieces.......

And started.

I'm not the most delicate of people (or so I thought) and imagined I would struggle with such a small item, and although mildly fiddly, it wasn't too bad. 

It made me rethink....maybe I'm not as 'finger & thumbs' as I thought I was.

Maybe I shouldn't shy away from small, delicate things in the future....(and now I've told you, I shall have to believe it!)

Well, it all came together quite nicely.  I did a running stitch around his little tummy, 'V's on his wings to represent feathers and sort of spoke looking stitches around his eyes to immitate the way the feathers open out around the eyes of owls.

Having NEVER attempted a Blanket Stitch before, my daughter suggested I go for a tutorial on YouTube, which she found for me....gosh it soooooooo easy if you go through from the front to the back!  Silly me had be trying to go from back to wonder it didn't work!!!  Doh!

This morning I finished my Little Owl Decoration (already claimed by my Little Lady and enviously drooled over by Teenage Daughter.....I can already feel another one coming on!)

Want to see?

I'm so ridiculously excited by my Tiny-But-Perfectly-Formed Make...... teehee!



Wanted a shot in the hand so that you could see how tiny he is.  Does he look tiny to you?

A not-very-good shot of him hanging from our Banana Hook!

....and one of him lounging on the sideboard!  (Lazy creature!).......

I have Achieved!  He cost me nothing but time, challenged my view of my abilities and is a unique and rather sweet decoration from my Pinterest board which ticks the Challenge box for May 2012!

If you get a chance pop on over to But Why MummyWhy? who is hosting the BlogHop this month, you can see the other entries and maybe enter something yourself!

I'll see you soon....the blogs are backing up with all this illness!!!!

Love Nora


  1. He's gorgeous! I've got loads of scraps of felt from the MIL that need using - looks like I've found the perfect project!
    Thanks for linking up! and good job!

  2. What a lovely little guy! I love his sequined stripes!

  3. Oh I LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you! I'm so pinning this :) Thanks for joining in with our PinAddicts Challenge! Kerry x

  4. So cute! I am on the look out for small things to make for a local fund raiser so I think I might have just found a good candidate.

  5. He is lovely, what a great way to use up some scraps!


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